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Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office is comprised of Student Affairs professionals who assist students, faculty, staff and campus administration with questions or concerns pertaining to relevant policies and procedures and help identify the appropriate campus resources to help resolve student problems.

Contact information for grievances:
Dean of Students Office - Webster University
470 E. Lockwood
St. Louis, MO  63119
Phone: 314-246-6980
(FAX) 314-963-4757

Ted Hoef TED F. HOEF, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Supervises all student affairs units, including career planning and development, student employment, counseling and campus ministries, campus dining services, health services, multicultural center and international student affairs, student leadership development, residential life and housing, the office of student engagement, the University Center and student activities. Works closely with student government; promotes student advocacy, and develops and maintains student policies.  314.968.6980 • 800.981.9804 •


colettecummingsCOLETTE CUMMINGS, Associate Dean of Students

Supervises the office of student engagement and the multicultural center and international student affairs (MCISA) departments. Also serves as grievance coordinator for student grievances. 314.246.7738 • 800.981.9804 •

johnbuckJOHN BUCK, Associate Dean of Students 

Coordinates the WebsterLEADS student leadership development program and supervises the health services, counseling, and residential life and housing departments. 314.246.4663 • 800.981.9804 •

philstormPHIL STORM, University Conduct Officer/Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Student Affairs 

Investigates and adjudicates violations of the student code of conduct. Consults with extended campus staff on conduct cases. Lead investigator for student sexual offense/Title IX cases. 314.968.6980 • 800.981.9804 •

jenniferandrewsJENNY ANDREWS, Coordinator, Student Affairs 

Coordinates undergraduate tuition adjustments, the money for textbooks program, and the emergency loan program, and provides ombudsman-type services to students and other university constituents. 314.968.6980 • 800.981.9804 •