The Summit will be an immersion experience that will challenge students to reflect on their own leadership ability, involve them in crucial conversations about the student experience at Webster, and strengthen the connections among student leaders throughout the University's global network.


The Summit curriculum will include several components:

1)          Active participation in an 8-week on-line course (non-credit) that will begin developing connections among participants, engage students in key conversations leading up to the Summit in March, and lay the foundation for group work that will be a primary feature of the Summit experience;

2)          Analysis of personal leadership style and perspectives, with a focus on how students can continuously improve their leadership capacity and empower future student leaders to ensure sustained effectiveness;

3)          Collaborate in teams and present a thoroughly researched and well-designed professional presentation to University administrators, to include proposals for major initiatives as part of the University’s new strategic plan;

4)          Participation in a team-based Case Study Competition which will challenge students to resolve real ethical dilemmas facing student leaders.