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Angela Murphy

Angela Murphy

Angela Murphy served as coordinator of student life and student services at the Webster Geneva campus until her retirement in 2014. For more than 25 years, she was responsible for all elements of student life in Geneva, including coordinating housing for students who studied abroad, coordinating with other campuses for students who planned to study at other Webster campuses, planning and facilitating new student orientation, overseeing student council, planning campus events, and taking students to the hospital when they were sick or injured. Murphy also worked with the faculty to plan campus lectures on important topics. In her last ten years, she was able to hire a student life colleague, and thus became the study abroad coordinator and director of Residential Life, where she opened and oversaw a new campus Living-Learning Center and coordinated the housing needs for students in the Geneva community at off-campus facilities.

Murphy’s work with students helped put them immediately at ease upon landing in Geneva, not to mention the copious communication and follow-up with students leading up to their arrival. Her attention to detail, and significant care and concern for students was apparent in every interaction. She was always mindful of students’ needs at each stage of their college career. She made students feel comfortable and “at-home,” and she was an excellent planner. Her long-term positive impact on student life at Webster was her extraordinary commitment to students. Every decision she made, every negotiation she had with a local apartment owner, every event she planned, and every interaction she had with a student had the goal of helping students be successful in their Webster Geneva experience. If there was something that needed to be done for or on behalf of students, she was the “go-to” person to get it done.

Outside of her work life at Webster, Murphy has been actively engaged in the international community in Geneva as a strong proponent of peace and international diplomacy.