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Career Management Program FAQ

Walker School students

Who Is Right Management?

Right Management is a global leader in talent and career management workforce solutions within Manpower-Group. As career specialists, Right Management has more than 30 years of experience supporting professionals in all industries across the globe.

How long will this program take?
The Career Management Program is delivered in two phases.

1. WSBT 5000: Career Success for the 21st Century. This is a nine-week, 1 credit hour course that is delivered online.

2. BONUS RESOURCE: After completing the one credit hour course, Webster includes a package of resources that will help you with successful Career Management and Action Planning for 12 Months at no additional cost. Each student successfully passing the course receives an email with an access code to the robust Right Management Career Website for 12 months. This comprehensive site includes more tools to fine-tune your resume; career management actions and resources to support your career goals. You also have a helpdesk feature, which puts you in direct contact with a Right Career Specialist. We highly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to continue your Career Action Planning!

When should I begin this program?
It is recommended that you enroll in the program during the last half of your graduate degree coursework. This approach will enable you to complete the course and begin using the 12-month career action planning resources program prior to completing your graduate degree. This course is also recommended for students or alumni engaged in an active job search or career change.

I am a current graduate student, how do I participate?
Begin by registering for WSBT 5000: Career Success for the 21st Century with your Connections account.

Will this program give me a completed résumé?
Yes. A competitive, best-in-class résumé is available as an outcome of this program and is accomplished by using Right Management's resources and working with an industry leader career specialist in resumes. One of the modules in the course is focused on resume development/enhancement. Each student successfully passing the course has access to Right Management's career website and consultation with a Career Specialist. Expert Webster course instructors can also offer guidance and advice.

All of my experience has been in the military. Now that I am working toward my graduate degree, how will this program help me transition into a civilian job? RIGHT MANAGEMENT - MILITARY RESOURCES

Right Management has a long history of helping military personnel translate their excellent military skills to meet the needs of companies today. From leadership training and discipline to experience with deployment of resources and more, your service to our country provided you with strong skills that companies are seeking. You will learn how to translate your military experience and the skills you have gained through your graduate degree program into materials and messages that will enable you to secure your next role.

I am looking for my first job. How will this program help me apply my educational background and internship experience after graduation?
Right Management can help you turn the results you have produced in your school work and internships into selling points for a new job. The resources available through this course, along with the robust Right Management Career Website and Career Specialist, will enable you to translate your experience onto your résumé and in your interviewing so that potential employers will see how you can add value to their organizations.

I work for a great company and I enjoy my job. I am getting an advanced degree to help me grow within the organization. Since I am not searching for a new job, why should I participate in this program?
Webster is firmly dedicated to career advancement and we know that effective career management is a fluid, on-going process. We designed this program to provide you with resources you need to map out your immediate and long-term career goals. Once you have a career action plan, you will be better positioned to take control of your career and achieve those goals. Adding to this benefit, it is to your advantage to maximize these services while earning your graduate degree at Webster University as similar career management services would cost thousands of dollars if you pursued them in the retail market.

I am an international student. How can this program help me?
Right Management is a global organization with more than three decades of experience working with clients in more than 80 percent of Fortune 500 and more than 70 percent of Fortune Global 500 companies. You can develop a career management action plan that aligns with the industry and geographic area in which you are legally able to work.

I have invested years into a job, but now I want to change careers. How can this program help me with my career change?
Although your current job may not be in line with your ideal career path, you have gained transferable skills that other employers need, and you have accomplishments to prove those skills. Right Management can help you with this process by providing you with a deeper understanding of what you have to offer and how you can express your strengths in words that are transferable to other types of jobs and industries. If you decide changing careers is the right move for you, resources are available to help you transition through each step of the process.