Labor Market Information

In order to make informed career decisions, it is essential that individuals have accurate information about occupations and industries and understand educational requirements, job outlook, average salaries, etc.  The following websites can help you to obtain essential labor market information:

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Part of the United State's Department of Labor website.  You can obtain information about occupations, industries and economic conditions on this site.

Inside Career Info

Offers general job descriptions along with information on career skills, education, and personal testimonials.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Provides detailed information about occupations including the nature of the work, educational requirements, outlook, etc.


Provides detailed information about occupations including tasks, job outlook, interests, etc.


Provides information about the fastest growing occupations, occupations with the most openings, videos of individuals working in specific careers, etc.

Provides detailed information on careers and industries, company overviews, and career-related articles.