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Application Materials

Making a great first impression is of utmost importance in applying to an internship, job, or student employment position. Learn how to present yourself by crafting well-written and customized documents and portraying a quality presence online. 

Before you begin your search, prepare these materials to enhance your applications: 

Resumes  Cover Letters Digital Identity References



A resume is your summary of your qualifications for employment, providing highlights of your education, experience, and skills. Resumes are your personal marketing tool to showcase your best assets related to the internships and jobs to which you aspire. 

Guidelines for Resume Writing 
Explore the Career Planning & Development Center's resume writing guide, designed to help you craft purposeful and effective resumes, for detailed descriptions of resume writing strategies and mechanics. 

PDF Good, Better, Best Bullet Point Worksheet
Competitive resumes include bullet points describing your accomplishments. Use this worksheet to help you build comprehensive descriptions of your skills. 

PDF School of Education Career Info Packet
Resumes for education majors include specialized information that school districts need in their hiring process. The School of Education Career Info Packet includes examples of how to customize your resume for teaching roles. 

Cover Letters

Cover letters, submitted along with your resume for internship or job applications, are one-page business letters introducing yourself, expressing your interest in the organization, and reviewing your strongest qualifications for the opening. Cover letters also allow you to showcase your writing skills and your fit with the organization's culture. 

Guidelines for Cover Letter Writing 
Explore the Career Planning & Development Center's guide to writing professional business correspondence. Outlines and samples provide you with direction to creating your personalized letters. 

Digital Identity

Your digital identity is like a fingerprint, the evidence of the life you lead online. Every status update and upload can affect the way that potential employers perceive you. Enhance your professional presence online by integrating content about academic- or career-related activities and connecting to others with similar interests.

Building a Professional Online Presence
Read this article about how to create an online presence and be deliberately engaging in order to enhance your attractiveness to prospective employers.


When applying for internships and jobs, you may be asked to provide a list of references, people who can attest to your skills and work ethic. Before applying to a position, compile a list of potential references and ask them to serve in this capacity. The following resources provide best practices in requesting and giving out references: 

PDF 10 Tips for Top-Notch References
References: The Keys to Choosing and Using the Best Job References in Your Job Search

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