Try Your Options

Test your potential careers by getting actively involved. Apply the following tactics to experience the realities of your options: 

PDF Informational Interviews
Learn directly from people working in your majors and careers of interest by interviewing them about what they do. Download a comprehensive guide about how to request and perform an informational interview.

Job Shadow 
Obtain permission to observe someone working in your field of interest in order to experience their work setting and daily activities. 

Student Organizations 
Join a group of students who share your interest in a particular major or career to see if you enjoy the subject matter and activities. 

Volunteering is one of the best ways to help improve the lives of others, to explore your options, and to gain experience related to your career. Choose a volunteer site that gives you hands-on experience and that is correlated to your field of study to see if you enjoy the associated tasks. Volunteer opportunities can be found through GorlokJobs,,, Webster Works Worldwide, or many other local organizations. 

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Fall 2014 Walk-In Hours 
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Learn about topics you can discuss during your 10-15 minute meeting with a Student Career Advisor.


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