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Graduate School

Attending graduate school is a major commitment of time, energy, and money. In making a decision about whether to pursue additional education, a clear understanding of your goals and how graduate education will support those goals is needed.

PDF Thinking About Graduate School? 
Download the Career Planning & Development Center's guide to graduate school. This guide outlines what you need to know as you decide on whether graduate study is the right choice for you, where to find your best-fit graduate programs, and what to do once you begin the application process. 

Commonly Requested Application Components

Personal Statements 
Most graduate schools request that you write a personal statement, but what does that entail? This article describes the components of the personal statement and tips to effectively describe your qualifications for graduate admission. 

Letters of Recommendation 
Professors who understand your academic qualifications traditionally serve as your recommenders for graduate programs. You could also consider administrators or supervisors from your internship, job, or volunteer position.

Your GPA and the classes that you took are considered by the graduate school. Most applications require official records sent directly from your undergraduate institution(s).

Standardized Tests
Entrance exams may be requested to show your ability and understanding of graduate level academic content. The type of exam required will be dependent on the degree program you choose to enter and on the schools' preferences. Keep in mind that the exams have associated fees and can take 4-8 weeks to process and send scores.

Each graduate program will have at least one application form for you to complete, but may request two – one university-wide application and one for the academic department or specific program in which you'll be studying. Pay attention to the detailed requirements and complete each form fully.

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