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Are student employee wages subject to taxes?
Earnings from student employment are subject to federal and state taxes. Students need to complete their Federal and State tax withholding information in MyWebster under the Pay & Taxes tab, Tax Withholding. Student employees are generally exempt from FICA withholding while school is in session, but this may not be the case during school breaks. Student employees can print their W-2 through MyWebster. Also, if a student completes the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), Federal Work-Study earnings should be listed as taxable income.

Are student employees required to take lunch breaks?
Beginning June 21, 2015, the student employee may, but is no longer required, to timestamp out for his/her lunch and timestamp back in when returning from lunch, if the lunch break does not exceed 30 minutes. The system has been programmed to deduct 30 minutes when the shift is 6 hours or more. Employees can be approved by their supervisor to work through their meal break, on rare, exception basis.

 Who makes adjustments and/or corrections to Timecards in MyWebster?
Adjustments and corrections to a student’s timecard (missing timestamps, transfer issues, etc.) can be made by the student’s primary supervisor in My Time – Enterprise eTime at any time during the current pay period. If time or pay needs to be adjusted/corrected in a previous pay period a Student Employment Time Correction Form must be completed and submitted to the Payroll Department.

Who must approve student employee’s timecard in MyWebster?
Your student employees must approve their timecard in My Time – Enterprise eTime at the end of each pay period. Supervisors need to review and approve their student employees’ timecard in My Time – Enterprise eTime at the end of each pay period in order for it to be processed. Only the ADP approving supervisor listed on the Student Employment Authorization Form is authorized to approve that student’s timecard in My Time – Enterprise eTime.

What if my student employee's employment status has changed?
The student employee's supervisor is responsible for completing a Student Employment Change Form. The form is needed so that Student Employment can update ADP and remove the student from the ADP Approver's queue.  

Who should approve my students’ timecards if I am going to be out of the office for an extended period (e.g., maternity leave, vacation, sick, conference, etc.)?
If the authorized supervisor is not able to approve a timecard he/she must give someone temporary approval authority through the delegation function in My Time – Enterprise eTime.

When should timecards be approved?
Timecards must be approved in My Time – Enterprise eTime according to the Student Payroll Schedule. The normal day of submission is biweekly on Monday by 10:00 a.m. Variances in the time and date of submission are noted on the schedule. The Student Payroll Schedule can be found on the Payroll website.

What if my student employee falsified time on their timecard?
Falsification of timecards may result in the student becoming ineligible to participate in the Student Employment Program and judicial action could be taken against the student. Please contact the Student Employment Coordinator to discuss our official Human Resource policy on this matter.

May I fax a timesheet into the Payroll Office?
Time must be recorded, verified and approved through My Time – Enterprise eTime. The only exception to this would be if a student has not been paid for time worked in a previous pay period. In this event a Student Employment Time Correction Form should be completed and submitted to the Payroll office. The Student Employee Time Correction Forms may be faxed to 314-246-8237 or scanned and emailed to the Payroll Office,

How do students receive their paychecks?
Students have three options to receive their pay:

1)       Paper check. Students will no longer be able to pick up their paychecks from the business office. If they are receiving their pay by check it will be mailed to the address on record in their MyWebster personal information. This is why it is critical that students keep this personal information is current.

2)      Students can authorize a percentage of their pay (up to 100%) to be deposited directly to their Webster student account. This is done by the student through MyWebster, Pay & Taxes, Deductions

3)      **Preferred Option** Student employees can designate that their paycheck be deposited directly to a specific bank of their choice. Students need to complete the Direct Deposit information through the MyWebster, Pay & Taxes, Direct Deposit. Their first paycheck, even if they signed up for Direct Deposit, will go to the home address listed under Personal Information in My Time – Enterprise eTime.

How do I advertise for a student employment position?
Supervisors can post approved student employment positions directly to GorlokJobs, the Career Planning & Development Center's online career management database. A detailed job description must be submitted to the Student Employment Coordinator before posting that position on GorlokJobs. Once a job description is reviewed, given a wage classification and approved you may post it in GorlokJobs.

Students interested in available positions will apply to the supervisor listed in the job description. Supervisors can also include any special application instructions in their job description.

How many employment positions can a student have?
Students can work up to three positions at a time. Students can be employed in three Budget Student Employment positions or one Federal Work-Study position and two Budget Student Employment positions.

How many hours can a student employee work?
Student employees may work up to a total of 20 hours per week (combination of all their student employment positions) while classes are in session. Approval to work additional hours on a limited time basis may be sought by contacting the Associate Vice President and Dean of Students*. During academic breaks, student employees may work up to 37.5 hours per week provided their award covers this amount and they are registered for classes for the following term/semester.

*Beginning July 1, 2016 undergraduate student employees will not receive approval to work more than 20 hours per week while classes are in session.

Graduate students may work up to 29.5 hours per week without seeking permission. Regular hours in excess of 29.5 are prohibited during periods of enrollment, as this would infringe on the university's policy regarding work hours and required employment benefits.

International student may NOT work more than 20 hours per week, except during periods of non-enrollment. This rule ensures compliance with visa regulations.

What is the format for job descriptions?
You must submit a job description for each position in your department. Students will not be approved to work unless your position has been approved by the Student Employment Coordinator and received a Wage Level Classification. Job descriptions should include the following: Department, Job Title, Number of Job Openings, Supervisor Name, Email, and Phone Number, Purpose of Job, Job Duties and Responsibilities, Required/Preferred Qualifications, Physical Demands

How do I know if a student has Federal Work-Study?
Every student who applies for financial aid receives an award letter listing the programs and award amounts for which they are eligible. Students who are awarded Federal Work-Study will receive an award letter from the Financial Aid Office. If students are not sure whether they have Federal Work-Study, they may contact the Financial Aid Office at (314) 968-6992 or the Career Planning & Development Center at (314) 968-6982.

What forms need to be completed?
If a student employee has never worked on campus before, the following forms need to be completed before the student employee may begin working: Student Employment Authorization Form, I-9 with required copies of identification, and FERPA Agreement. These forms are available on the Student Employment For Employers website.

It is your responsibility as a supervisor to assist your student in the completion of these forms. If you have questions about the forms, you may call the Student Employment Coordinator for clarification. If a student employee has worked on campus before, only the Student Employment Authorization Form needs to be completed. International students may need to submit additional forms to the Career Planning & Development Center.

What is the process for hiring an international student?
International students should contact the Student Employment Coordinator if they are interested in finding a position on campus. International students will need to submit additional paperwork for the hiring process. International students need to submit a copy of their Passport, Visa, I-20, I-94, and a Social Security Number. All international students will be required to complete information in the Payroll FNIS tax system. The Payroll Department will contact international students with detailed instructions on how to complete their tax information online.

What if an international student doesn’t have a Social Security number?
All international students must apply for a U.S. Social Security number before employment can begin, and the application requires a letter documenting an offer of employment (a copy of the completed Student Employment Authorization Form can be used by an international student applying for a S.S. number.) International students must have been offered a position before they apply for a Social Security number.

International students should visit the Office of Admission Welcome Center once they have secured on-campus employment. This office can assist international students with the Social Security Number application process. The Multicultural and International Student Affairs office can assist students with transportation to the local Social Security Office. International students interested in this option should complete the online request form found at

Keep in mind an international student must apply for a Social Security number before she/he can begin working. When the student’s social security card arrives in the mail, the student needs to provide the Career Planning & Development Center with a copy of the card.      

How do I give my student employee a wage increase?
Students must be in a position for six months before they are eligible for a wage increase. Wage increases can be requested with a Student Employment Change form. It is recommended that the wage increase be accompanied by a Performance Evaluation. The Student Change form and the Performance Evaluation form are available on the Student Employment For Employers website.

How is Work-Study awarded for my current student employees?
Eligibility for Federal Work-Study, or any type of financial aid, must be re-evaluated each year. As a result, Federal Work-Study eligibility is not guaranteed each year as a student’s financial status may have changed over the course of the year. Additionally, Federal Work-Study is awarded on a first come, first served basis. Supervisors can help by encouraging their student employees to submit their FAFSA and Webster University financial aid forms as early as possible (priority deadline is MARCH 1), so they can increase their chances of receiving Federal Work-Study and other types of financial aid. Students can submit an appeal for an additional Federal Work-Study award through the Financial Aid Office.

Can students have their paychecks directly deposited to a bank of their choosing?
Yes, students can complete the Direct Deposit information in MyWebster, Pay & Taxes, Direct Deposit, to designate their pay to be directly deposited to a specific bank account. Students can also choose a percentage of their paycheck to go towards their student account in MyWebster, Pay & Taxes, Deductions. In other words, a student could have 50% of their paycheck go directly into their personal bank and 50% of their paycheck can go into their student account to pay off any tuition due.

Please access additional information about Webster's new automated human resources and payroll system at MyWebster.

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