International Art Studies

20 credit hours

Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts/Department of Art, Design, and Art History

The International Art Studies certificate integrates focused studies at a Webster University campus with art study abroad. The combination of course work and cultural immersion enables students to gain a deeper understanding of the international nature of contemporary art. The intensity of this study may enrich and broaden the students' global perspectives. In addition to completing all the requirements for a BA in Art or those for a BFA with a Studio emphasis, art majors may attain a certificate by successfully completing the following courses.

For information on general requirements for the certificate, see Certificate Program Policies and Procedures.


Study Abroad Courses:

Students must take at least 6 credit hours at a Webster University campus located in a different country than their home campus

Art History Courses—8 credit hours including:

  • ARHS 2000 Art Forum (1 hours)
  • Two ARHS 3000-level courses (6 hours)
  • ARHS 4810 International Art Capstone (1 hours)

Language Courses:

  • Two 1000-level foreign language courses or proficiency in language other than student’s native language (6 hours)

Note: Students who meet this requirement by demonstrating language proficiency must take 6 credit hours through substituted courses approved by the department.

Two courses chosen from the following:

  • INTL 1500 The World System since 1500 (3 hours)
  • ISTL 2550 Topics in International Studies (with appropriate topic) (3 hours)
  • ANTH 2000 Issues in Contemporary Anthropology (with appropriate topic) (3 hours)


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