Women and Gender Studies

18 credit hours

College of Arts & Sciences/Behavioral and Social Sciences Department

The certificate in women's studies provides students from diverse academic backgrounds the opportunity to identify women's studies as a particular area of interest and to integrate their academic knowledge with first-hand research and/or activities related to issues of gender. Classes taken as part of a student's undergraduate major or minor may be used toward the certificate. Courses completed with a grade below C- do not count toward fulfilling the requirement for a certificate.

For information on general requirements for the certificate, see Certificate Program Policies and Procedures.

Certificate Requirements

Completion of the certificate requires 18 credit hours including the following:

Two required courses designed for the certificate:

  • WGST 1020 Introduction to Women and Gender Studies (3 hours)
    or WGST 1010 Studying Women Across the Disciplines (3 hours)
  • WGST 3000 Topics in Women's Studies (3 hours)
    or WGST 4650 Women and Gender Studies Capstone (3 hours)

Completion of an independent library research project in the field of women and gender studies and/or a participant action research project within a feminist organization during the last 30 credit hours of study at Webster. This requirement can be fulfilled through WGST 3710 Feminist Research Methods or through a research class where the instructor agrees to work with the student in a project approved by the Women's Studies Advisory Committee.

At least three courses from at least two of the following groups.
Each group represents important domains of study connected to women's experience.

Group 1:

    • PSYC 2700 Psychology and Women (3 hours)
    • ANTH 3730 Kinship and Family (3 hours)
    • ANTH 4330 Global Sex/Gender Systems (3 hours)

Group 2:

    • HIST 2060 Topics in the History of Gender and the Family (3 hours)
    • POLT 2060 Politics and Gender (3 hours)
    • HLSC 3200 or NURS 3500 Issues in Women's Health (3 hours)
    • MNGT 3470 Women in Management (3 hours)

Group 3:

    • RELG 2500 Gender, Culture, and Religion  (3 hours)
    • ENGL 3140 Women Create Women (3 hours)
    • ENGL 3150 Men Create Women in Literature   (3 hours)
    • PHIL 3370 Feminist Philosophy  (3 hours)

One additional elective chosen from those courses designated as part of the women's studies minor.

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