GAME - Game Theory

Course Descriptions

GAME 2000 Introduction to Video Game Theory and Design (3)

This course is designed to give students an overview of gaming and game development, Students wil learn about gaming history, game design, psychological, sociological, physiological, and economic aspects of games and gaming. A strong emphasis of this class will be on deconstruction and critique of popular computer and console games and genres. Students will also examine gaming trends to answer the question, “What’s next?” Prior video game experience is recommended but not required.

GAME 2500 Traditional Game Design (3)

In this course, students will learn traditional game design theory, analyze a variety of board, card and dice games, and then create their own prototype for the entire class to play/test.

GAME 3000 Video Game Design I (3)

This course is designed to provide a foundation for students to enter the video game development market. Students will take their first steps towards learning concepts of game design. They will build their own game using game development software (that has a built-in scripting language so that they will not have to write any code). Through this process they will be introduced to more advanced design technologies that will be used in subsequent video game design courses. Prerequisite: GAME 2000.

GAME 3500 History of Video Games (3)

This course introduces students to the history of modern video games. Students will be taken through a video game timeline, highlighting the important events that lead to video games as they are today. The course will address key innovators and major turning points. Students will also be exposed to staple classics in each genre to build an appreciation for current genre games. As a supplement to lectures, discussions and the text, students will experience classic games in a hands-on environment.

GAME 4000 Video Game Level Design (3)

This course focuses on video game level design using a professional game development framework. Students will learn what it takes to build a successful interactive environment. Course work will focus on level theme, mood, texturing, modeling, lighting, terrain, optimization, streaming, playability, and testing. Prerequisites: GAME 2500, GAME 3000, GAME 3500.

GAME 4500 Video Game Design II (3)

Video Game Design II is designed to serve as the “capstone” course for the video game foundation certificate program, drawing upon skills students have learned within their major areas of study and previous video game design classes. In this course, students will continue to work with a professional game development framework that provides tools to create games, visualizations and 3D simulations with the focus of “bringing everything together.” We will build on concepts introduced in Video Game Design I and Video Game Level Design. This course will also introduce more advanced concepts such as Artificial Intelligence, Interface, and Scripting. Prerequisites: GAME 2500, GAME 3000, GAME 3500, GAME 4000.

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