NURS - Nursing

Course Descriptions

NURS 3010 Concepts of Professional Nursing (3)

Integrates the student into baccalaureate education. Aspects of professional practice provide the framework for this course. Critical thinking, and oral and written communication skills are strengthened. Prerequisite: NURS 3030.

NURS 3020 Health Assessment (4)

Focuses on the holistic approach to health assessment, combining subjective data from a health history based on a holistic framework, review of systems and objective findings from physical examination. Provides students with a fuller understanding of the mechanisms involved in maintaining homeostasis in the human body. Students will examine selected aspects of systemic body functions. The student practices interviewing skills, physical examination skills, and documentation skills in the laboratory and client based situations. The student analyzes assessment data and identifies strengths and problem areas with the adult client. Prerequisite: Admission to the BSN program.

NURS 3030 Communication & Information Literacy (3)

Students examine communication and information technology in professional nursing. The role of evidence as it informs contemporary nursing practice is explored. Included are concepts and skills for oral and written communication, informatics, and information literacy. Prerequisites: Admission to the BSN program; computer course or validated computer competency.

NURS 3270 Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice (3)

The research process and strategies for critiquing nursing research are discussed. Using research findings to guide evidence-based nursing practice is emphasized. Prerequisites: NURS 3010 and NURS 3030.

NURS 3400 Health Education in Nursing Practice (3)

Focuses on theories and strategies relevant to health education throughout the lifespan. Emphasis is on the role of the nurse in the health teaching process. Students develop, implement, and evaluate a teaching plan for an individual based on assessment of their education needs. Prerequisites: NURS 3010, NURS 3020, and NURS 3030.

NURS 3410 Family Health Promotion (3)

Focuses on characteristics of families. Family theories are explored. Students examine variables that influence the health of families. Students conduct a family assessment, identify strengths and health concerns, and develop a plan for family health promotion activities. Prerequisites: NURS 3010, NURS 3020, NURS 3030, and NURS 3270.

NURS 3500 Issues in Women's Health (3)

Presents an overview of society's impact on women's health with discussion of how the women's health movement has introduced alternatives to medical control.

NURS 3600 Topics in Nursing (1-3)

Elective course focusing on a specific area or issue in nursing. May be repeated if content differs.

NURS 4060 Gerontology (3)

Explores topics pertinent to health care of well older adults and those with chronic health problems. Develops and strengthens the knowledge, skills and attitudes of nurses caring for the older adult. Theories of aging, health promotion and preventive care, mental health issues in older adults as well as palliative and end-of-life care are included. Prerequisites: NURS 3010, 3020, 3030 & 3270.

NURS 4240 Nursing Leadership and Management (4)

Explores the theoretical foundation of nursing leadership and management and the role of nurse leader/manager in complex organizational systems. Planning for quality care and patient safety is emphasized. Effective skills of nurse leaders/managers are analyzed with a focus on interprofessional healthcare team interactions. Fiscal, legal, and regulatory processes are explored. Current issues and trends in management/leadership and healthcare are addressed. Prerequisites: NURS 3270, NURS 3400, and NURS 3410.

NURS 4250 Community Health Nursing (5)

Focuses on care of community as client. Emphasis is on the role of the nurse in addressing the preventive health needs of populations at risk. Current public health problems, epidemiology, trends in health care delivery, and community resources are examined. Students analyze the sociocultural, political, economic, ethical, and environmental factors that influence health from a global perspective. Prerequisites: NURS 3270, NURS 3400, and NURS 3410

NURS 4340 Influencing Health Policy: Implications for Nursing Practice (2-3)

Examines the relationship of health policy and nursing practice. The legislative process at both the state and national levels is explored.

NURS 4350 Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing Practice (2-3)

Examines ethical dilemmas encountered in nursing and explores the processes of ethical decision making and their application in clinical practice.

NURS 4370 Cultural Care Nursing (2-3)

Examines dimensions involved in care for people from diverse cultural backgrounds along with the traditional health beliefs and practices of selected populations.

NURS 4400 Case Studies in Nursing (2-3)

Presents students with the opportunity to explore cases in depth in selected areas of nursing practice. Engages students in gathering health and physical assessment data along with family and psychosocial information in preparation for case analysis. Prerequisites: NURS 3010 and NURS 3020.

NURS 4500 Nursing Case Management (2-3)

Explores the evolving role of case management in nursing practice today.

NURS 4600 Advanced Seminar in Nursing (2-3)

Elective course designed for in-depth study of a specific area or issue in nursing. May be repeated for credit if content differs.

NURS 4610 Advanced Readings in Nursing (1-3)

Individual student exploration of a specific area of interest in nursing. Prerequisites: NURS 3010, permission of the department chair, and filing of official form. May be repeated for credit if content differs.

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