PHOT - Photography

Course Descriptions

PHOT 0100 PHOT Portfolio Review (0)

Portfolio Review is required of all photography majors. All majors must pass Portfolio Review in order to qualify for an internship. Should be taken in the semester following PHOT 2000 and 3 additional PHOT credits.

PHOT 1000 Photo I (3)

Students learn basic black-and-white photographic skills and the technical aspects of camera operation, light-meter readings, film development, and enlarging, as well as shooting techniques and composition.  The course focuses on the visual and communicative aspects of the medium.  Access to a 35-mm or 2-1/4 square camera recommended, although not required.  Prerequisite: EPMD 1000 or permission of the Photography program facilitator.

PHOT 1010 Digital Basic Photography (3)

This course covers basic concepts and practice of digital photography, including understanding and use of the camera, lenses, and other basic photographic equipment. The course will address aesthetic principles as they relate to composition, space, exposure, light and color. Technological requirements of digital formats will be addressed, such as formats and resolution. Basic digital manipulations of images will be taught in preparation for creating a photo portfolio of images. This course may not count towards the BA in Photography electives.

PHOT 2000 Photo II (3)

Continues development of photographic vision and techniques from PHOT 1000. Students study additional films and black-and-white processes, including the zone system. Prerequisite: PHOT 1000 or equivalent course in basic darkroom photography.

PHOT 2040 History of Photography (3)

Traces the evolution of photography throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and the development of various photographic traditions associated with its application.

PHOT 2170 Photographic Science (3)

Examines the relationships between films, papers, and chemistry used in the photographic process. Focuses on the ways in which films, chemistries, and papers react to different temperatures, exposures, and light. Consideration is given to the manufacturing process. Prerequisite: PHOT 1000.

PHOT 2500 Photojournalism (3)

Students combine practical assignments in newspaper and magazine photography with critical analysis of how photographs produce outstanding news and feature stories. Prerequisite: PHOT 2000 OR permission of the instructor.

PHOT 2870 International Photojournalism (3)

Students learn the traditions of photojournalism, and use digital cameras to create photo stories. Major figures in international photo-journalism are considered, and attention is paid to major themes. Previous photographic or computer experience is desirable, but not a Prerequisite. (It is advisable to take PHOT 3190 Digital Photographic Imaging prior to or concurrently with this course).

PHOT 3000 Color Photography (3)

Students continue the investigation of photography at an intermediate level, introducing various color processes and exploring the role of color in photographic imagery. Prerequisite: PHOT 2000

PHOT 3120 Studio Photography and Lighting (3)

Students learn techniques of medium format and 4 x 5 view camera photography and lighting and how to use studio lighting systems to produce commercial work. Prerequisite: PHOT 2000

PHOT 3180 Topics in Scientific Photography (3)

Specific topics are offered on a rotating basis. Topics have included macrophotography, introduction to ophthalmic photography. May be repeated for credit if content differs. Prerequisites: PHOT 2000; PHOT 2170.

PHOT 3190 Digital Photographic Imaging (3)

Students learn the theoretical and practical aspects of photographic digital imaging. Students develop a theoretical understanding of this technology and learn to apply these principles using Adobe Photoshop. Students learn to control, modify, and manipulate digital photographic images for both corrective and creative purposes. Prerequisite: PHOT 2000 OR COAP 2020..

PHOT 3195 Digital Photo Imaging II (3)

Students learn intermediate and advanced concepts and methods of working with photographic imagery in creative, efficient, and innovative ways via Adobe Photoshop. Additional peripheral software and hardware are discussed as well. Mastery of these methods, tools, and topics is expressed in successful completion of interactive tutorials and personal projects. Prerequisite: PHOT 2000 AND PHOT 3190.

PHOT 3760 Topics in Editorial Photography (3)

Specific topics are offered on a rotating basis. Topics have included photo reportage, shooting for publication (lifestyle and food, arts and entertainment). May be repeated for credit if content differs. Prerequisites: PHOT 2000.

PHOT 4000 Photo Workshop (3)

Specific topics are offered on a rotating basis. Recent offerings have included portfolio development, self-promotion, large format photography, the toy camera, and image/text. Prerequisite may vary with topic. May be repeated for credit if content differs.

PHOT 4010 Photography Gallery Management (3)

Students learn all aspects of running a photo gallery, including publicity, mailing lists, web site and other publications and openings. Prerequisite: JR/SR standing or permission of instructor. May be once repeated for credit, if content differs.

PHOT 4030 Topics in Studio Photography (3)

This course focuses on various topics in advanced studio photography, such as people and portrait, and the Digital Studio, on a rotating basis. Prerequisite: PHOT 3120. Additional Prerequisites may vary with topic. May be repeated for credit if content differs.

PHOT 4190 Topics in Digital Imaging (3)

Specific topics in electronic imaging, such as Digital Asset Management, are offered on a rotating basis. May be repeated for credit if topic differs. Prerequisite: PHOT 3190.

PHOT 4200 Topics in Color (3)

Focuses on various topics in advanced color photography. Prerequisite: PHOT 3000. May be repeated for credit if content differs.

PHOT 4610 Readings in Photography (3)

Prerequisites: media major, junior/senior standing and permission of the instructor. May be repeated for credit if content differs.

PHOT 4620 Senior Overview (3-6)

Provides an opportunity for seniors to demonstrate their proficiency in a selected area of photography. The student assumes responsibility for the production of a project under the direction of a faculty member. Projects may include an exhibit or a thesis. Prerequisites: senior standing, acceptance into the major through portfolio review, and permission of the instructor.

PHOT 4700 Professional Development in Photography (3)

Students learn how to prepare for careers in the field of photography. Topics include portfolio development and presentation; professional organizations; interviewing skills; and resume preparation. Prerequisites: photography major AND senior standing.

PHOT 4870 Advanced Photojournalism (3)

Students learn practical application of photojournalism principles by serving as members of the campus newspaper The Journal staff. This course is an extension of PHOT 2500. Students apply their knowledge of photojournalism, including strategies and techniques employed in a variety of assignments. Prerequisites: PHOT 2500 AND PHOT 3190. May be repeated for credit. Note: It is advisable to take JOUR 1030 Fundamentals of Reporting prior to or concurrently with PHOT 4870. It is advisable for students who plan to work in this field to take VIDE 1000 prior to graduation. 

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