SUST - Sustainability Studies

Course Descriptions

SUST 1000 Introduction to Sustainability Studies (3)

Introduces students to the interdisciplinary field of sustainability studies, which focuses on the goal of transforming human societies so that we may equitably meet current human needs (such as health, energy, food, shelter, and transportation) while preserving the natural systems required to meet the needs of future generations. Includes 1) frequent writing assignments to allow students to express their understanding of the complex systems that provide the foundation for environmental and human health and well-being and 2) experiential elements (field trips and a campus sustainability project) that allow them to apply and test classroom theories and information. Guest speakers will represent different disciplines that contribute to sustainability studies.

SUST 1100 Enhancing Campus Sustainability (3)

Students will learn principles of sustainability and then use their local campus of Webster University and the surrounding community as their laboratory to analyze opportunities to improve environmental practices relating to energy, water, air, and/or materials use. Working in teams, they will select specific areas of campus sustainability to research and analyze; each team will then develop a proposal making recommendations to improve sustainability in that area.

SUST 4500 Sustainability in Action (3)

Serves as the keystone for the sustainability studies minor, providing students the opportunity to integrate and apply the skills and knowledge they have developed through the rest of the program. In addition to studying examples of successful sustainability initiatives both locally and globally, students will choose individual service-learning projects, either off- or on-campus, in which they analyze and address specific challenges to sustainability. Each project will include some elements of written and/or oral communication. Prerequisite: All other requirements for the sustainability studies minor or permission of instructor.

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