VIDE - VIdeo Producation

Course Descriptions

VIDE 1000 Introduction to Video Production I (3)

(previously VIDE 1810 Video Production I)

Using digital video cameras and non-linear editing tools, students will learn the technological, aesthetic, and theoretical basics of creating motion media. The course offers a broad overview of how and why to use video equipment creatively and evocatively to complete several different types of project, based upon real-world applications of the medium.

VIDE 2100 Producing Video Productions (3)

(previously VIDE 4570 Producing for Television)

Students learn the role of the producer in television, from original concept to the marketplace. Topics include treatments, budgeting, research and development, funding options, production teams, the stages of production, and distribution. As a final project, students develop and submit program proposals. Prerequisite: VIDE 1000.

VIDE 2200 Field Production (3)

(previously VIDE 2520 Video Production II)
Students build on the technical knowledge from Video Production I focusing on both single-camera and multi-camera production. In this course, students learn specific production skills, concentrating on the finished product, with the opportunity to develop portfolio samples. Prerequisites: VIDE 1000 or permission of instructor.

VIDE 2300 Studio Production (3)

(previously VIDE 3090 Television Studio Production)

Provides students with a working knowledge of all facets of television studio production, including duties and responsibilities involved in each phase of setting up and operating the equipment. Gives students experience in the Webster studio in a professional production. Prerequisite: VIDE 1000. May be repeated for credit.

VIDE 2400 Video Editing (3)

This course is designed to delve deeply into editing from a technological, aesthetic, and theoretical perspective. The intention of the course is to provide students with the theoretical background and motion design principles effectively manipulate a couple of different non-linear editing technologies to create a narrative whole from a series of component pieces. Prerequisite: VIDE 1000.

VIDE 2500 Post-Production (3)

(previously VIDE 3890 Video Post-Production)

This course focuses on the procedures, strategies, and techniques employed in a video post-production studio. The class assumes a “systems approach” so that students learn the technical flow of the post-production studio. Prerequisite: VIDE 1000 or permission of instructor.

VIDE 3200 Advanced Camera (3)

This course involves a careful examination of the video camera and lens. Emphases are on operation, applied aesthetics, and theory. Comparisons will be made between professional standard-definition cameras, high-definition cameras and pro-sumer cameras that have made much headway into the industry in recent years. Professional applications of cameras & support equipment will be de-scribed and discussed. Students will have daily hands-on opportunities. Prerequisite: VIDE 2200.

VIDE 3500 Motion Graphics (3)

Students in this class will work to create professionally finished motion graphics projects with delivery outcomes for potential broad-cast, film, and web clients. Areas of emphasis will include: aesthetics, technical skills, collaborative capacity, and time management. Prerequisite: VIDE 2500.

VIDE 3650 Special Topics (3)

(previously VIDE 3150 Topics)

Offered periodically to feature topics in media and journalism not covered by regularly offered courses. May be repeated for credit, if content differs. Prerequisites: May vary with topic; permission of instructor.

VIDE 4000 Documentary Video Production (3)

(previously VIDE 4251)

Students learn the format, history, and production of the documentary. Students screen a variety of international works produced by the directors most responsible for shaping the development of this genre. Each student is responsible for producing a short documentary using single-camera techniques and online editing. Prerequisite: VIDE 2100, VIDE 2200 and VIDE 2400 or permission of instructor.

VIDE 4100 Experimental Video (3)

(previously VIDE 4253)

Students learn the potential of television as a fine art medium. Videotapes are screened and discussed in class, and students are trained in advanced techniques to enable them to produce individual works to be screened in a group show at the end of the semester. Prerequisites: VIDE 2200 and VIDE 2400 or permission of instructor.

VIDE 4252 Corporate Video (3)

Students learn the major considerations involved in the planning and implementation of corporation video production, including: identification of business objectives, pre-production, budgeting, working with clients, scripting, production, and post-production. Students develop proposals that actually could be funded and then see the project through to completion.

VIDE 4500 Pro-Seminar in Video Production (Production House) (2-4)

(previously VIDE 4900 Pro-Seminar in Video Production)

A professional video faculty member acts as an executive producer and/or producer/director, while students work as a crew to produce a video project that embodies professional standards and production values. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

VIDE 4610 Readings in Video Production (3)

Prerequisites: media major, junior/senior standing AND permission of the instructor. May be repeated for credit if content differs.

VIDE 4620 Senior Overview (3-6)

Seniors demonstrate their proficiency in a selected area of video. The student assumes responsibility for the production of a project under the direction of a faculty member. Projects may include a documentary, narrative, or experimental video work. Prerequisites: senior standing, acceptance into the major through portfolio review, AND permission of the instructor.

VIDE 4700 Professional Development in Video Production (3)

Students prepare for careers in the field of video production. Topics include portfolio development and presentation; joining professional organizations; interviewing skills; and résumé preparation. Prerequisites: video production major and senior standing.

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