Costume Design (BFA)

Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts/Conservatory of Theatre Arts

Program Description

It is our mission to train our future colleagues to become visionaries, creators and leaders in the next generation of American professional theatre.

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Learning Outcomes

At the end of their training in costume design, students will be able to:

  • Analyze the script/characters and develop an advanced, coherent visual concept that takes into account style, period and creative research for theatrical use
  • Research any period of costume history with attention to historical context, silhouette, period detail, fabric use, accessories and hairstyle
  • Analyze period silhouette and manipulate it for character and concept
  • Create a coherent, conceptual world of the play through costume design with attention to the specific style needs of opera, ballet, musical, theatre for young audiences and other performance styles
  • Illustrate costume designs through drawing and color application with attention to construction detail for opera, ballet, musical, theatre for young audiences, and music video
  • Choose fabrics and trims for execution of designs, based on understanding of textiles and their use
  • Work with the director, other designers and the actors in a collaborative process through production
  • Conduct a fitting with each actor in the designed costume(s)
  • Lead a team of costume construction specialists through the production process, with attention to wardrobe run, tailoring, draping, pattern drafting, millinery, fabric modification, crafts, budget and time management

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Special Requirements

Courses completed with a grade of D do not count toward fulfilling the specific course requirements of the major.

Auditions/interviews are required for all students planning major in theatre at Webster University. Auditions/interviews are held each year during the spring semester for entrance into the following fall session. Both on-campus and off-campus audition sites are available to prospective theatre students. No video auditions are accepted.

Degree Requirements

  • 103 required credit hours
  • 12 general education credit hours
  • 13 elective credit hours

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Required Courses

  • THEA 1010, 1020, 2010, 2020, 3010, 3020, 4010, 4020 (The Conservatory sequence or its equivalent) (72 hours)
  • ART 1110 Introduction to Drawing (3 hours)
  • ART 1120 Principles of Drawing (3 hours)
  • ART 1130 Figure Drawing for Theatre Majors (6 hours)
  • DESN 1210 Design Concepts (3 hours)
  • DESN 1220 Design: 3-D (3 hours)
  • GNST 1400 Civilization and the Arts (4 hours)
  • THEA 2030 History of Theatre: Greeks to Elizabethan (3 hours)
  • THEA 2040 History of Theatre: Restoration to 1915 (3 hours)
  • THEA 2050 History of Theatre: 1915 to Present (3 hours)

Recommended Elective:

  • DANC 1550 Costume Design for Dance (3 hours)

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