DMGT - Doctor of Management

Effective 1 June 2014 through 31 May 2015

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Course Descriptions

DMGT 7140 Statistical Analysis (3)

Introduces the student to topics in statistical analysis as a preparation for the research courses and their work on the doctoral project. The focus of topic consideration will be data analysis for research applications. Topics include: hypothesis testing and confidence intervals, correlation, simple linear regression, and multiple regression. As time permits, other discretionary topics may be included such as: path models, discriminate analysis, and structural equations modeling.

DMGT 7160 Quantitative Research Methods (3)

Introduces the student to the traditional research design and methodology approaches as they apply to organizational research. Topics include formulation, research design, sampling methods, statistical methods, statistical and judgmental inference, and research reporting. Students will develop a research proposal.

DMGT 7180 Qualitative Research Methods (3)

Introduces the student to qualitative methods and designs in the context of organizational research. Particular attention is given to the indications for qualitative methods and designs, such as research history of the topic and the nature of the topic. Students will be exposed to several models of qualitative methods and designs, including: case studies, qualitative software, and program evaluation. Students will be expected to develop a qualitative research design proposal.

DMGT 7300 Management Systems Redesign (3)

Features an introduction and exploration of contemporary management theorists, practices, and theoretical frameworks.  Topics include a historical perspective of the management literature, cross-cultural management issues, negotiation and conflict management strategies, frameworks for understanding and influencing organizational behavior outcomes, and current issues facing management researchers.

DMGT 7330 Managing in the Global Marketplace (3)

Explores global issues confronting the twenty-first century manager. Topics included are: impact of culture on management of the global organization, commercial implications of the new regionalism, product and services marketing in the global marketplace, and countertrade.

DMGT 7350 Topics in Technology (3)

This course offers comprehensive knowledge and skills of survey methods using technology so that students will be able to apply various techniques for data collection and will be able to solve problems related to developing sampling techniques for surveys.  Outcomes include proposal development, instrument preparation, data collection and analysis, and result presentation.

DMGT 7370 Topics in Leadership (1-3)

Features rotating topics that emphasize various elements of managerial leadership and organizational change. The seminars may be offered as 3-credit-hour courses, or as 1-credit-hour courses.

DMGT 7450 Strategic Management (3)

Examines from the viewpoint of the general manager how companies create and sustain competitive advantage. This involves an understanding of both external factors - industry structure and rivalries - and internal factors of the firm, and how these factors influence strategic responses. Both process and leadership elements of strategy are discussed. The students analyze cases and empirical research to help prepare for their own research projects.

DMGT 7500 Leadership (3)

Traces the evolution of leadership thought. Primary focus is given to the contingency theories of leadership to provide students with an understanding of the roles of leader and follower in a contextual situation. Students also explore transformational, charismatic, and visionary leadership.

DMGT 7520 Organizational Development and Change (3)

Provides an overview of organizational development with an emphasis on planned change. Students explore major interventions: human process, technostructure, human resource management, and strategic. Organizational development interventions are evaluated with special emphasis on modifications for international settings.

DMGT 7750 Advanced Organizational Behavior (3)

This course analyzes individual and group processes involved in organizational relationships. A dominant theme will be how theory and research inform sound management practice. Several contemporary OB topics, such as attitudes and job satisfaction, will be covered in detail during the course.

DMGT 7800 Topics (3)

Special areas related to DMgt program objectives are examined. Students may take up to three hours as elective, and a second three hours if program necessity dictates. Prerequisite: Permission of DMgt Director.

DMGT 7900 Integrative Seminar (3)

Employing critical thinking, students will synthesize concepts and models from their different core courses as a basis for managerial interventions and problem-solving. This seminar will employ in-depth discussion of articles, cases, and student research papers, and serve as a bridge to the methodology courses.

Note: A student must complete this course with a grade of B or better to advance to the methodology courses.

DMGT 8000 Doctoral Project (9)

The student completes the doctoral research project, which demonstrates the student’s ability to design and conduct research on a management or organizational problem. Emphasizes a problem-solving approach to a business or management problem. Prerequisites: completion of all other doctoral courses and approval by the director of the doctoral program.

DMGT 8010 Project Completion (0)

For students who have fulfilled DMGT 8000 requirements and are making reasonable progress on their doctoral projects. This course keeps students active in the University system. May be repeated as needed during standard five-year program window. Prerequisite: Formation of doctoral project committee and permission of DMgt Director.