PBRL - Public Relations

Effective 1 June 2014 through 31 May 2015

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PBRL 4190 Public Relations Research (3)

Students learn the basic concepts of public relations research using the Internet for instruction and assignment. Students learn how to gather and apply data to public relations program design and evaluation. The course presents primary and secondary data collection methods used in PR research, as well as basic statistical concepts for data analysis. Students also learn to interpret, to report, and to apply findings to specific public relations cases and situations. Prerequisite: PBRL 2100 for undergraduate students or PBRL 5322 for graduate students

PBRL 4800 Media Relations (3)

Students learn effective verbal and nonverbal communication techniques and apply these concepts to a series of "real-world" simulations in which they learn to attract, work with, and be interviewed by radio, television, and newspaper reporters. Prerequisite: PBRL 2100 for undergraduate students or PBRL 5322 for graduate students.

PBRL 5322 Public Relations (3)

This course integrates communications strategy with organizational mission statements, demonstrates stakeholder and issues management techniques, and considers ethical dilemmas in public relations situations. Public relations cases are examined in order to learn effective strategic and tactical answers to public-perception problems and opportunities. Prerequisite: MEDC 5000 and 6 hours of undergraduate course work in public relations.

PBRL 5323 Organizational Communications (3)

This course considers the relationship of organizational mission, employee values, organizational cultures, and motivation. Both formal and informal communication networks are studied as they pertain to appropriate use of media to communicate with employees or volunteers. Students examine case studies showing proactive employee information efforts. Prerequisite: MEDC 5000 and PBRL 5322 or MEDC 5300

PBRL 5342 Writing for Public Relations (3)

This course applies public relations strategies and theories to writing for specific stakeholder audiences in a variety of complex public relations situations. Various persuasive techniques are applied to specific target audience needs, as indicated by audience analysis. Students examine professional copy and produce their own advanced public relations writing for inclusion in their portfolios. Topics include news releases, social media/viral PR, pitch letters, brochures, newsletters, blogs websites, speechwriting, and other communications forms. Prerequisites: MEDC 5000 and PBRL 5322

PBRL 5344 Speech Writing (3)

Students review and create organizational and business speeches, with special emphasis on assessing the audience, incorporating the organizational mission, researching the speech, and writing for the ear. Prerequisites: MEDC 5000 and PBRL 5322

PBRL 5451 Communication Strategies for Investors and Financial Stakeholders (3)

This course addresses the specific communication requirements of the financial stakeholder audience, including discussion of annual reports and meetings, analyst  information programs and meetings, shareholder communications and legal communication requirements.  Prerequisites: MEDC 5000 and PBRL 5322

PBRL 5452 Communication Strategies for Public Affairs and Government Relations (3)

This course focuses on managing public relations strategies and tactics used in conducting public affairs, public policy lobbying efforts, political campaigning, and government public information functions. Students examine the role of the public affairs practitioner, the role of the media in public affairs, and military public affairs. Prerequisites: MEDC 5000 and PBRL 5322

PBRL 5453 Communication Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations (3)

This course addresses the specific public relations strategies needed to effectively manage the communications function within the nonprofit sector of organizations. The challenges of meeting the communication needs of volunteers and donors will be addressed as well as fund-raising communication techniques. Prerequisites: MEDC 5000 and PBRL 5322

PBRL 5465 Crisis Management Communications (3)

A specialized function of the public relations practice is the management of crisis communications. Students in this course study the relationship of the organization and its culture to the external environment in times of crisis. Risk assessment, preparation of a crisis plan, and use of appropriate media in addressing crisis communication needs are studied. Prerequisites: MEDC 5000 and PBRL 5322 or PBRL 4800

PBRL 5550 Topics in Public Relations (3)

This course offers a variety of topics to address emerging theories, practices, and applications in the field of public relations. Topics are timely and of interest to professionals currently working in or pursuing public relations-related careers. Prerequisites may vary with the topic. This course may be repeated once for credit if content differs and is appropriate for the student’s course of study.

PBRL 5770 Multinational Public Relations (3)

This course focuses on the challenges and opportunities in public relations in a global environment. Students analyze case histories from both U.S.-based multinational companies and non-U.S. multinationals. Study is also directed toward differences in cultures and audiences on each continent. Special attention is  given to questions such as: What kind of media works best where? What cultural expectations inform audience decisions and responses? Which techniques are accepted globally? Pitfalls and common errors  are examined. Review of major worldwide media  is included. Students develop global public relations strategies and communication plans. Prerequisites: MEDC 5000 and PBRL 5322