Business Intelligence Technologies

Effective 1 June 2014 through 31 May 2015

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18 credit hours

This program offered by Walker School of Business & Technology/Math & Computer Science Department

 Program Description

Business intelligence encompasses a wide range of technologies to support analyzing business data, transforming information and generating intelligence. Technologies play important roles in business intelligence systems and form the foundation of its architecture. Studies show that there is a constant demand for data analysis and information analysts who can understand database, query data, perform activities in analytical processing, statistical analysis, forecasting, and data mining. The minor program is created to meet this demand helping students understand underlying concepts and methodologies that are used in business intelligence processes.

The minor program consists of major courses from the degree completion program, Business Intelligence Technologies (BIT). Hence it supports the mission and vision of the department, school, and the University same way as the BIT program. The required courses of this minor program are available online. Students in the program will study concepts and principles in business intelligence and the underlying building technologies. Students will experience a broad category of applications and techniques for gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data to help business users perform better decision making.

Courses used to fulfill a major may not be used to fulfill a requirement for a minor. Students may choose to receive the minor or certificate but not both.

Learning Outcomes

  • Student will be able to demonstrate critical thinking skills in the field of business intelligence.
  • Student will be able to demonstrate the ability to solve problems related to the program content.
  • Student will be able to analyze, design and document a system component using appropriate business intelligence techniques and models.
  • Student will be able to demonstrate an understanding of fundamental principles of business intelligence systems and technologies.

Program Requirements

  • All courses must be taken at Webster University.
  • Student may need prerequisite courses to fulfill requirements for some CSIS courses.
  • Non-CSIS Prerequisites:
    • CSIS 3500 has a prerequisite of COAP 2100
    • CSIS 4300 has a prerequisite of COSC 2810

Required Courses

  • CSIS courses (18 hours)


All courses available via the Internet.