Undergraduate Catalog Addendum/Errata

Effective 1 June 2014 through 31 May 2015

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Below are listed additions and corrections to the 2014-15 Undergraduate Studies Catalog since its publication on 08 May 2014. All corrections listed below have been made in the main online catalog sections to which they apply and will appear in the print version of those individual pages. They do not appear, however, in the PDF version of the full catalog

This page was last updated on 15 August 2014.

Changes by Department/Program:

Changes by Date:

11 June 2014

Costume Design (BFA)

In the Required Courses section, the first bullet should read: CONS 1010, 1020, 2010, 2020, 3010, 3020, 4010, 4020 (The Conservatory sequence or its equivalent) (72 hours)                               

13 August 2014

Criminology (BA)

In the Required Courses section, the correct course number for Criminal Litigation is LEGL 3500. 

In the Criminology electives section, the correct course for LEGL 2000 Policing and the Police should be LEGL 2080 Policing the Police.

15 August 2014

Colleges, Schools & Departments/Walker School of Business & Technology

The following section was added to the Walker School page:

Walker Joint MBA Program

For any undergraduate degree student at Webster University who is considering the Master of Business Administration degree, the Walker Joint MBA enables completion of the MBA in a shorter amount of time.

How it works

Webster undergraduate students are permitted to take up to 6 hours of graduate credit toward their BS or BA degrees. For students considering the MBA, they should take the following two courses during their senior year at Webster:

    • MRKT 5000 Marketing
    • MNGT 5590 Organizational Behavior

These courses will be counted as 6 hours of elective credit toward the BS or BA degree, and also will complete the requirement for those two courses within the MBA degree program. With the completion of these two courses, students will need only 30 hours of graduate coursework to complete the MBA, excluding any necessary pre-requisite coursework, if applicable.*

For further information, please contact Academic Advising, or the MBA Director. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Non-Business majors (BSBA, BA Economics, BS Finance, BS Accounting) and non-BA in Management majors are also encouraged to use undergraduate elective credit during sophomore, junior, or senior years, to take MNGT 2100, ACCT 2010, ACCT 2025, ECON 2020, and ECON 2030 to fulfill the necessary pre-requisite courses for the MBA. Otherwise, any non-applicable majors applying to the MBA will also be required to complete BUSN 5000, BUSN 5600 (Accounting), and BUSN 5620 (Economics) prior to starting the MBA, or to pass qualifying waiver exams for those courses.