Change Leadership: Managing Complexity for Total System Results


Effective 1 June 2016 through 31 May 2017

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Graduate Certificate
12 Hours

This program offered by Walker School of Business & Technology

Program Description

For those who seek advanced mastery in change leadership, this is the option. The theories and competencies in the final certificate are the most advanced in the field. This certificate can only be taken after completing the other two graduate certificates in change leadership. The Certificate in Change Leadership: Managing Complexity for Total System Results also includes a major change leader and organization development capstone projects that is integrated into all certificate coursework. Successful completion of this change project ensures that the change leader/practitioner has learned to integrate the range of relevant models and competencies taught in all three certificates. 

This program is offered at the St. Louis home campus.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to plan a moderately complex change leader capstone project with at least one major organization development intervention.
  • Students will be able to customize the project based on the organization’s readiness for change and the organizational resources available to them.
  • Students will be able to negotiate OD project expectations and make modifications to these plans and negotiations over the duration of the four-course capstone project.
  • Students will construct metrics for success and evaluate the effectiveness of the project against organizational effectiveness and business outcomes. 


The curriculum requires 12 hours of specialized courses in achieving breakthrough results, facilitation emergent change, leading in a global context, and capstone project. Specifically, the 12 credit hours required for the graduate certificate in managing complexity for total system results must include the following results:

  • CHNG 5800 Achieving Breakthrough Results (3 hours)
  • CHNG 5900 Facilitating Emergent Change (3 hours)
  • CHNG 5950 Change Leadership in a Global Context (3 hours)
  • CHNG 6000 Capstone Project (3 hours)


Students who are interested in applying to this certificate program should see the Admission Section of this catalog for general requirements.

Send all admission materials to:

Office of Admissions
Webster University
470 E. Lockwood Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63119