EDUC - Education

Volume 1: 2018.2019

Effective 1 June 2018 through 31 May 2019

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Course Descriptions

EDUC 5020 Foundations of Education (3)

This course provides an overview of social, historical, and philosophical bases of current school practice and organization. Analysis of issues and problems in schools is a focus of this course. This course is recommended for individuals with limited classroom experience and will include an embedded practicum.

EDUC 5080 Planning for the Inclusive Classroom (3)

Students in this course are introduced to strategies that promote the social and academic integration of children with disabilities, English Language Learners and children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds into the general education clusroom. Topics include inclusive education philosophy and research, collaborative practices, roles and responsibilities working with paraeducaton, transition planning (to more inclusive settings, between grade levels, and to post-school options), grading options for students with disabilities in general education. Making Action Plans/Futures Plans, diversity issues, parent collaboration and communication, curriculum adaptations, differentiated instruction, response to intervention, positive behavior supports and use of the SIOP model with English Language Learners.

EDUC 5090 Curricular and Instructional Adaptations (3)

This course offers a framework for adapting the regular classroom environment to meet the diverse needs of students, including those with disabilities. Curriculum adaptations, instructional modifications, and environmental accommodations are explored as strategies to support students with special needs in the regular classroom.

EDUC 5100 Multidisciplinary Education (3)

Students select a curriculum area in which they wish to improve their skills; they proceed to examine ways in which the subject could be taught using ideas from mathematics, science, social studies, and language arts. This is followed with explanations and demonstrations that indicate the student is capable of teaching his or her selected curriculum using a multidisciplinary approach.

EDUC 5111 Classroom Applications of International Experiences (1-3)

This course enables teachers to build curriculum and instructional materials on the history, culture, language, literature, arts, religion, science, or politics of an international culture or country. Traditional sources (including books, journal articles and library resources), multimedia resources (web resources, photos, videos) as well as first hand immersion experiences (observations, interviews, travel journal experiences) at an international destination are integrated into curriculum units, multimedia presentations and other instructional materials. The course may be repeated for credit if the topic or international destination differs.

EDUC 5201 Advancement to Candidacy (0)

In this course, candidates reflect on completed program experiences that demonstrate their attainment of professional and key program goals. Candidates complete a reflective essay about their professional growth experience in the program and impact on student learning. These documents are electronically submitted via the assessment system. Depending on major, candidates may be asked to select the thesis vs non-thesis option. Prerequisites: Minimum of 9 graduate credit hours in program; at least one required course.

EDUC 5210 In-Service Education (1-4)

Webster offers various graduate in-service courses that are not part of the existing  curricula but provide experiences important to the academic and professional development of educators. Consult the semester course listings for specific topics. Prerequisite: Prior approval of the advisor.

EDUC 5220 Contemporary Educational Issues (3)

This foundation course is an overview of important educational topics. It is designed to identify and analyze current educational issues through reading, writing, discussing, and presenting ideas. Individuals explore historical perspectives, philosophical theories, and sociologic influences that are related to contemporary educational concerns.

EDUC 5230 Foundations of Humane Education (3)

This course focuses on the foundation of humane education including the definition, history, psychology, and development of the movement. The scope of humane education will be broadened by the study and appreciation of all animals (both human and non-human) and the environment. Students also integrate principles of humane education into classroom instruction.

EDUC 5300 Methods of Teaching Elementary School Students (3)

This course focuses on multiple factors affecting the elementary curriculum, including lesson planning, organizational strategies, instructional techniques, and student assessment. Competencies in the content areas of physical education, health, art, and music are addressed as well. Prerequisites: EDUC 5220 or COMM 5670 or EDUC 5020 (recommended for those individuals who have limited classroom experience).

EDUC 5460 Curriculum Design (3)

This course is designed to help individuals plan learning experiences. Topics included are technology in the classroom, research regarding learning, models of curriculum design, and methods of evaluation. Each student develops a curriculum package that has direct application to his or her particular teaching situation.

EDUC 5911 Social and Personality Development (3)

This course focuses on the theories that explain the growth of social concepts (e.g. sharing, friendship. rules. sex roles): the development of values and conscience: and the emerging personality of children and adolescents. Students explore ways of working with children and youth in enhancing the development of these concepts.

EDUC 6250 Thesis (3-6 hours)

The student completes a thesis project under the supervision of two faculty members. The thesis option is recommended for those considering graduate study at the doctoral level. All theses must follow university guidelines and be deposited in the Webster University library.