Communication Arts (MA)

Volume 1: 2019.2020

Effective 1 June 2019 through 31 May 2020

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This program is offered by the School of Education. It is available online and at the St. Louis home campus.

Program Description

The communication arts master of arts (MA) is designed to provide educators from diverse educational backgrounds the opportunity to study theoretical and practical developments in language, literature, media and the arts. Students are encouraged to learn by doing and, by doing, expand those skills essential to their professional growth. Courses and experiences in communications allow students to explore career alternatives and enhance their professional standing.

Emphasis Area:

  • General Communication Arts

Learning Outcomes

  • Refine oral, visual and written communication skills and understand the importance of language, media and the arts in the communication process.
  • Develop sound instructional and assessment strategies as they create curriculum based on understanding of research, theory and practice in content areas such as language, literature, reading, writing, media literacy and the visual and performing arts.
  • Promote creative thought and expression through leadership in schools and communities.
  • Develop skills and strategies to respond to diversity in schools and communities.
  • Students use a variety of technological and information resources to gather and synthesize information to create and communicate knowledge.


All communication arts majors, regardless of the emphasis chosen, take the following required courses:

  • COMM 5290 Interpersonal Communication (3 hours)
  • COMM 5270 Visual Communication (3 hours)
  • COMM 5280 Written Communication
    or COMM 5199 Teaching Writing (online) (3 hours)
  • COMM 5460 Curriculum Design (3 hours)
    (must be taken early in program)
  • COMM 5800 Applied Research (3 hours)
    (after COMM 5460 Curriculum Design)

The 33 credit hours required for the degree must include the 15 credit hours of required courses and 18 credit hours of electives.

A final project is not a prerequisite for graduation in communication arts; however, each course usually has projects that must be completed before credit can be earned. Projects take the form of papers, presentations or curriculum units.

Students are required to complete a Petition to Graduate the semester before they plan to graduate. Specific deadlines are posted in the School of Education academic calendar.

Emphasis in General Communication Arts

The general communication arts emphasis is individualized for the professional seeking flexibility in designing a master's degree. Options for earning credit exist in coursework and independent projects. This emphasis area is designed by the student and faculty advisor.


Students who are interested in applying to this degree program should also see the Admission section of this catalog for general requirements.

Admission Requirements

  • Receipt of official transcripts from the baccalaureate granting institution.
  • Undergraduate cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • Essay: What motivated you to seek an MA in communication arts? Based on the School of Education's mission statement, the program description and learning outcomes, how do you think your participation in Webster's MA in communication arts will help you accomplish your personal and professional goals?

Send all admissions materials to:

Office of Admission
Webster University
470 E. Lockwood Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63119

Completed application files will be reviewed by the Graduate Department of Education.

Advancement to Candidacy

Automatic Advancement to Candidacy based on 12 credit hours of 3.0 GPA graduate level communication arts courses.