International Business (MA)

Volume 1: 2017.2018

Effective 1 June 2017 through 31 May 2018

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This program is offered by the Walker School of Business & Technology.

Program Description

The international business curriculum is designed to enable the student to examine and understand the complexities and processes involved in the international business community. Coursework provides exposure to the historical, legal, political, and economic factors that are key elements in a study of this subject. The dynamics of conducting business in an international context are examined.

This program is offered at the St. Louis home campus.

acbsp logoThe MA in international business is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Learning Outcomes

  • Graduates can demonstrate foundation knowledge in the functional areas of a global business.
  • Graduates can analyze the complexities of global businesses.
    • Graduates can identify cultural aspects, and infer how culture affects the business environment in global regions.
    • Graduates can apply administrative and managerial theories as they relate to problem solving in the global business context.
    • Graduates can select and apply appropriate tools for facilitation of international trade.
  • Graduates can select, explain, and apply strategies and tools for solving complex problems posed by managing global businesses.

Program Curriculum

The 39 credit hours required for the master of arts (MA) in international business or the 65 credit hours required for the master of business administration (MBA) with an emphasis in international business must include the following courses:

  • INTB 5000 International Business (Requisite Course) (3 hours)
  • INTL 5000 Introduction to International Relations (Requisite Course) (3 hours)
  • BUSN 5200 Basic Finance for Managers (3 hours)
    or FINC 5000 Finance (3 hours)
  • INTL 5400 International Political Economy (3 hours)
  • INTB 5630 International Law and Business (3 hours)
  • MNGT 5710 Cross-Cultural Management (3 hours)
  • MRKT 5730 International Marketing (3 hours)
  • BUSN 5220 Global Supply Chain Management (3 hours)
  • INTB 5600 International Accounting (3 hours)
  • FINC 5840 International Finance (3 hours)
  • INTB 5740 Global Topics I (1 hour)
  • INTB 5750 Global Topics II (1 hour)
  • INTB 5760 Advanced Global Topics (1 hour)
  • INTB 6000 Integrated Studies in International Business (3 hours) 
  • Elective (3 hours)

In addition, students are required to meet one of the following criteria:

  • A study-abroad course experience
  • A hybrid course experience

The student chooses elective courses offered in this major and/or from the program curricula of other majors. If the requisite course is waived, the student must choose an elective course from this major or from the program curriculum of another major. Students pursuing dual majors who have the requisite course(s) waived will complete only the remaining required courses for the dual majors.


Students who are interested in applying to this degree program should see the Admission Section of this catalog for general requirements.

Send all admission materials to:

Office of Admission
Webster University
470 E. Lockwood Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63119

Advancement to Candidacy

Students are admitted to their graduate program upon completion of all admission requirements. Students are advanced to candidacy status after successfully completing 12 credit hours of graduate credit, with grades of B– or better. In the MBA program and other specialized programs, courses required as prerequisites to the program do not count toward the 12 credit hours required for advancement.

This page was modified on 03 November 2017.
Please see the Graduate Catalog Addendum to view changes that were made.