General Psychology


Effective 1 June 2017 through 31 May 2018

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27 hours

This program is offered by the College of Arts & Sciences/Psychology Department.

For information on general requirements for the certificate, see Certificate Program Policies and Procedures.

Program Description

More demanding than the psychology minor but less intensive than the psychology major, this certificate is well suited to students with a strong interest in psychology but who are majoring in another subject. As a stand-alone certificate, it is also appropriate for those students with a strong interest in psychology who have completed a BA or BS at another institution.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Describe the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in psychology.
  • Implement the use of critical and creative thinking, skeptical inquiry, and, when possible, the scientific approach to examine problems related to psychology.
  • Discuss the factors contributing to diversity, multiculturalism, and inequality within an international context.
  • Discuss the occupational pursuits available in a variety of settings given their psychological knowledge, skills, and values.

Special Requirements

In addition to the general University requirements for a certificate:

  • The general psychology certificate cannot be earned by students currently majoring in psychology (BA, BA with an emphasis in mental health, BS).
  • Students who transfer any required course for the certificate (e.g., PSYC 2300) must take an additional 3 credit hour PSYC elective at Webster University. A maximum of two substitutions are permitted.

Required Courses

  • PSYC 1100 Introduction to Psychology (3 hours)
  • PSYC 1800 Careers in Psychology (1 hour)
  • PSYC 2300 Lifespan Development (3 hours)
  • PSYC 3025 Psychology and Ethics (2 hours)
  • PSYC 3125 Abnormal Psychology (3 hours)
  • PSYC 3325 Applied Leaming Theory (3 hours)
    or PSYC 3350 Cognitive Psychology (3 hours)
  • PSYC 3600 Social Psychology (3 hours)
  • PSYC 3775 Personality Theory (3 hours)
  • PSYC 3900 Introduction to Counseling (3 hours)
    or PSYC 4225 Introduction to Clinical Psychology (3 hours)
  • PSYC 4300 Health Psychology  (3 hours)

This page was modified on 25 August 2017.
Please see the Undergraduate Catalog Addendum to view changes that were made.