SPTC - Sports Communication


Effective 1 June 2018 through 31 May 2019

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Course Descriptions

Global Citizenship Program
Knowledge Areas
ARTS Arts Appreciation
GLBL Global Understanding
PNW Physical & Natural World
QL Quantitative Literacy
ROC Roots of Cultures
SSHB Social Systems & Human Behavior
Global Citizenship Program
Skill Areas
CRI Critical Thinking
ETH Ethical Reasoning
INTC Intercultural Competence
OCOM Oral Communication
WCOM Written Communication
** Course fulfills two skill areas


SPTC 1800 Sports Communication (3)

This course provides an introduction to communication within sports contexts. Students explore the evolution and likely future of sports communication strategies and messages, along with how this communication is important within society. This includes examinations of communicating as media practitioners within sports contexts, as well as the culture of sport. GCP Coding: (SSHB) (OCOM)

SPTC 3200 Communicating Baseball (3)

This course examines the various ways baseball is communicated within society. Topics ranging from literary and film depictions of the game, to the contemporary economic and political debates that surround the major leagues are included in the course. A variety of group and individual presentations, combined with class discussion and writing activities make up the exploration of the many issues germane to the rhetoric of baseball. 

SPTC 3800 Topics in Sports Communication (3)

Students will engage in the study of a particular aspect of sports communication not included within the sports communication curriculum. The course will include readings and other resources that will lend insights into important aspects of the current landscape of sports communication. Student work will include a combination of writing, speaking, and discussion. May be repeated for credit.

SPTC 4100 Culture of Sports and Society (3)

This course is designed to study the media and its relationship in shaping the opinions of society about sports. It will look at how society has changed over the years, how the sports world has changed and how media have changed.

SPTC 4600 Sports Media Strategies (3)

This course provides a study of sports messaging through the application of communication theories. Students will critique sports communication within a variety of contexts, examining communication strategies that shape how individuals understand and assess sports messages. 

SPTC 4610 Readings in Sports Communication (1-3)

Students will be part of a directed study of a specific area of sports communication. The course will feature individual or small group engagement with an instructor in an area not included within the existing sports communication curriculum. A contract signed by the instructor, student, program coordinator, and department chair will outline specific details for each section of this course.

SPTC 4620 Senior Overview in Sports Communication (3-6)

Students will complete an intensive project related to their sports communication degree program. The project will reflect a combination of critical analysis and individual application of concepts within the project. The course will be completed under a mentorship of an approved sports communication instructor.