Film Studies (BA)


Effective 1 June 2016 through 31 May 2017

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This program offered by School of Communications/Electronic and Photographic Media Department

Program Description

The film studies major is designed to provide students with a comprehensive theoretical study of film and knowledge of basic film production. Students develop an understanding of film history and aesthetics, as well as critical approaches to the study of film. Upper-level courses focus on in-depth analysis of film genres, filmmakers, or international cinema. Film studies courses move from general survey to specific, in-depth studies of a genre, filmmaker, or theory.

Learning Outcomes

Successful graduates from this program will be able to:

  • demonstrate a broad understanding of global film history, including cultural, historical and social contexts;
  • identify critical approaches to the study of film theory and aesthetics;
  • discover emerging technological and creative changes in international film;
  • articulate knowledge of film studies and critical thinking skills through research papers and oral presentations;
  • apply proficiency in film theory knowledge to production course work, internships (when applicable) and future careers using film studies as a pre-professional occupation for film studies publishing, teaching and research, film restoration and archiving, film festival curating, film distribution, scriptwriting and producing for film.

Portfolio Review Course Requirements

  • EPMD 1000 Introduction to Media Production
  • MEDC 1010 Introduction to Mass Communications
  • FLST 1000 Film and Television Appreciation
  • FLST 2050 History of Film
  • FLST 2060 Modern World Cinema

Degree Requirements

A minimum of 128 credit hours consisting of the following:

  • 47 required credit hours
  • Applicable University Global Citizenship Program hours or General Education Program hours
  • Electives

Required Courses

  • EPMD 1000 Introduction to Media Production (3 hours)
  • PHOT 1010 Digital Basic Photography (3 hours)
  • MEDC 1010 Introduction to Mass Communications (3 hours)
  • FLST 1000 Film and Television Appreciation (3 hours)
  • FTVP 1000 Introduction to Film, Television, and Video Production (3 hours)
  • FLST 2050 History of Film (4 hours)
  • FLST 2060 Modern World Cinema (4 hours)
  • SCPT 3110 Script Analysis (3 hours)
  • FLST 3160 Topics in Film Studies
    or FLST 3170 Topics in Documentary Film Studies (minimum of four sections required) (12 hours)
  • FLST 4160 Survey of Film Theory and Criticism (3 hours)
  • FLST 4620 Senior Overview* (3 hours)
    or MEDC 4950 Internship* (3 hours)

*Capstone Course 

In addition, students must complete one of the following three-credit hour courses:

  • MEDC 1630 Media Literacy (3 hours)
  • MEDC 2200 Ethics in he Media (3 hours)
  • MEDC 2800 Cultural Diversity in the Media (3 hours)
  • FLST 2070 History of Animation  (3 hours)
  • MEDC 3190 Introduction to Media Research (3 hours)
  • SCPT 3500 Writing Screenplays for Film (3 hours)
  • MEDC 2630 Studies in Media Literacy  (3 hours)
  • SCPT 4090 Screenplay Development   (3 hours)
  • GAME 3500 History of Video Games (3 hours)
  • MEDC 4190 Media Research Methodologies (3 hours)
  • FTVP 1100 Produce and Direct (3 hours)
  • FTVP 4000 Professional Development in Film, Television and Video Production (3 hours)
  • MEDC 4100 The Law and the Media (3 hours)