Religion and Global Society (BA)


Effective 1 June 2019 through 31 May 2020

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This program is offered by the College of Arts & Sciences/Religious Studies Department, and is only available online.

Program Description

A religious studies major exploring issues involving religion and global society, such as the conflict between traditional and liberal values; conflict creation and resolution; human rights; and the influence of science, new technology and new forms of communication.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will have:

  • Examined the ambiguous influences and dynamics giving rise to globalization, both contemporary and historical, and the roles religion continues to play in those dynamics.
  • Gained familiarity with cultures and religions in different parts of the world, so as to be able to analyze and weigh religious influences on social, cultural and political structures.
  • Demonstrated skills in critical thinking, via the ability to compare familiar and unfamiliar perspectives in written and oral communication.
  • Addressed issues of social responsibility by exposure to other ways of thinking about core social issues.
  • Developed practical and ethical skills by doing field projects in which students encounter diverse religious practices and beliefs.
  • Achieved individual creative excellence through individualized assignments enabled through online technology.

Degree Requirements

A minimum of 128 credit hours consisting of the following:

  • 30 required credit hours in religious studies
  • 12 required credit hours in arts and sciences courses, which may include RELG courses
  • Applicable University Global Citizenship Program hours
  • Electives

Required courses completed with a grade lower than C- will not count toward fulfilling the major.

Of the required 42 credit hours to complete a BA in religion and global society, a minimum of 18 credit hours must be taken at Webster University.


The 42 credit hours required for the religion and global society major include the following:

Core Courses (30 hours)

  • RELG 1041 Religion and Globalization (3 hours)
  • RELG 1060 World Religions (3 hours)
  • RELG 1080 Thinking through Religions (3 hours)
  • RELG 2031 Violence in the Name of God (3 hours)
  • RELG 2401 Religion and Media Culture (3 hours)
  • RELG 2411 Religion and Scientific Theory (3 hours)
  • RELG 2431 Ecology & Spirituality (3 hours)
  • RELG 2501 Gender, Belief Systems & Globalization (3 hours)
  • RELG 3051 Religion and Human Rights (3 hours)
  • RELG 4551 Religion & Global Issues (3 hours)
  • RELG 4800 Portfolio Review (0-1 hours)

Arts and Sciences Required Courses (12 hours):

  • 3 credits at the 1000-level
  • 3 credits at the 2000-level
  • 6 credits at the 3000-level or 4000-level