Sociology (BA)


Effective 1 June 2019 through 31 May 2020

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This program is offered by the College of Arts & Sciences/Anthropology & Sociology Department, and is only available at the St. Louis home campus.

Program Description

Courses in sociology (SOCI) teach students to develop a “sociological imagination,” providing students with the tools to systematically study society, social change and social stability; to understand the structures and patterns that shape social interaction between individuals, groups and nations; to recognize the ways individual choices are influenced by larger social structures; to critically interpret social patterns from multiple perspectives; and to understand human diversity and cultural variation locally and globally.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Describe the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings and historical trends in sociology. 
  • Analyze and apply research methods in sociology, including research design, data analysis and interpretation. 
  • Implement the use of critical and creative thinking, skeptical inquiry and, when possible, the scientific approach to examine problems related to society. 
  • Evaluate the diversity within and across countries.
  • Assess, explain, and predict the effect of structural factors on personal, social and organizational issues.

Degree Requirements

A minimum of 128 credit hours consisting of the following:

  • 43 required credit hours within the sociology major.
  • Of the required 43 hours, 21 hours must be at the 3000-level and above, with at least 9 hours at the 4000-level.
  • 3 international language requirement credit hours
  • Applicable University Global Citizenship Program hours
  • Electives

Courses completed with a grade below a C- do not count toward fulfilling the specific course requirements of the major.

No more than 6 credit hours obtained in practica, independent learning experiences, reading courses and assessment of prior learning may be applied toward the 43 credit hours required for a major.

Transfer students can apply up to 15 credit hours of approved SOCI course work from other colleges/universities towards the SOCI major. Students may transfer in 3 credit hours of approved foreign language course work to meet the international language requirement for sociology.

International Language Requirement

  • A minimum of three hours in a non-native language is required in addition to the requirements for the major. Courses used towards the International Language requirement may also be used to fulfill general education requirements or a major/minor in a foreign language.
  • Transfer students who have completed their 3 credits at an institution of higher education are considered to have fulfilled the requirement, as are students who have scored a "3" or higher on an Advanced Placement exam in a non-native language.
  • For students whose native language is not English, a passing grade on the TOEFL will count as their foreign language requirement. Students who are from bilingual families but have no evidence of academic study of the second language on a transcript will need to take one course.


The 43 credit hours required for the sociology major include the following:

  • SOCI 1100 Introduction to Sociology (3 hours)
  • SOCI 1800 Careers in Sociology (1 hour)
  • SOCI 2750 Introduction to Measurement and Statistics (3 hours)
  • SOCI 2825 Introduction to Research Methods (3 hours)
  • SOCI 3550 Sociological Theory (3 hours)
  • SOCI 4900 Senior Overview
    or SOCI 4825 Senior Thesis (3 hours)
  • Sociology Electives (12 hours)

At least ONE course from EACH of the following five content areas:

Social Interaction and Change

  • SOCI 2175 Social Movements (3 hours)
  • SOCI 2600 Topics in Social Informatics (3 hours)
  • SOCI 3175 Social Psychology (3 hours)
  • SOCI 4175 Globalization and Social Change (3 hours)

Social Institutions

  • SOCI 2275 Topics in Social Institutions (3 hours)
  • SOCI 4276 Organizational Theory (3 hours)
  • SOCI 3276 Sociology of Media and Technology (3 hours)

Crime, Deviance, and Social Control

  • SOCI 2300 Topics in Deviance and Social Control (3 hours)
  • SOCI 2375 Global Social Problems (3 hours)
  • CRIM 3300 Criminology Theory (3 hours)
  • SOCI 3380 Transnational Crime (3 hours)


  • SOCI 2400 Topics in Inequality (3 hours)
  • SOCI 3450 Sex and Gender (3 hours)
  • SOCI 3475 Race and Ethnicity (3 hours)
  • SOCI 4475 Class, Status, and Power (3 hours)

Demography and Community

  • SOCI 2575 Urban Sociology (3 hours)
  • SOCI 3575 Environmental Sociology (3 hours)
  • SOCI 4575 Demography and Social Network Analysis (3 hours)