Certificate in Animation Production

The new era of digital technology influences everything from short-form animations to feature-length films and an animator is the person who can help span the gap.

An extraordinary animator is one who can successfully integrate content and technique, distinguishing quality animation from a technical exercise. The certificate in animation production is designed to give students from all academic disciplines within the university an opportunity to explore the principles, theory and practice of animation.

Students will have the opportunity to complete additional coursework in several areas focusing on the fundamentals of storytelling, acting, drawing and experimentation. The Certificate in Animation Production is only available to students not majoring in Animation.

Learning Outcomes

Successful graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate 2D animation
  • Develop and execute all aspects of an animated work
  • Tell stories in long and short format animation technology
  • Demonstrate an understanding of theory, critical assessment and animation history

Academic Program

Additional Information