Certificate in Buddhist Studies

Art, grassroots activism, ritual, philosophy, political debate -- Take a look into the ways contemporary Buddhists engage their changing social world. We offer students a firsthand opportunity to study the cultural and spiritual roots of their host country. The Buddhist Studies Certificate program of study draws on Webster University's strengths in religious and international studies to explore the complex social reality of Buddhism in Asia today. 

Despite its modest size, Thailand has the third-largest population of Buddhists in the world, behind only China and Japan. Buddhism has also enjoyed an unusually long period of continuity in Thailand. As dramatic changes have swept through Thailand and Southeast Asia in the last 50 years, Buddhism has been both highly conservative and radically innovative. The engaged Buddhist response unites these two paths - the path of meditation and the path of work to relieve social suffering.

Classroom discussions, field excursions, guest lectures, and opportunities for meditation practice are designed to create a multi-dimensional learning experience.

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