Certificate in International Studies

We live in an interdependent world. Daily headlines, national policies, and regional economics are shaped by people all around the globe. World forces affect our academic choices, career opportunities, and shopping lists -- even the water we drink and the air we breathe.

As more businesses and organizations expand globally, we as individuals are going global, too, surfing the Web and e-mailing across the seas to pursue our personal and professional goals. Following this trend, international studies provides a context for studying social and natural sciences, business and commerce, the humanities, fine arts, and foreign languages within a global context.

An Interdisciplinary Program

Webster's interdisciplinary International Studies program is designed to give students specialized and general global knowledge, second language skills, and significant international experience.

The undergraduate International Studies certificate provides students from diverse academic majors and backgrounds an opportunity to participate in an international study option. Any Webster University student may elect to pursue the International Studies certificate. The certificate program is also open to individuals not currently enrolled who meet the general requirements for admission to the University. All students completing the program will receive a certificate.

Academic Program

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