Certificate in Marketing

In the past, marketing was defined by the four P's: Product, Promotion, Price and Place (distribution), and was just one component of a business degree. These days it has become responsible for creating brands that people want, understanding why they want them, developing loyalty to them, and even developing relationships and trust with customers that go beyond the brand.

The Certificate in Marketing from Webster will help you take your career to the next level, providing you with research on the dynamics of human behavior that affect buying decisions. This program is designed for working adults with several years of organizational experience. It offers specialized courses in the various phases of pricing, promoting, and distributing products or services to the consumer. Classes are taught by working professionals who bring professional expertise as well as academic competence to the program.

You'll research markets to use in the development of a successful marketing plan. You'll also focus on the strategy involved in marketing products and services in the age of electronic commerce; understand the paradigm shift created in business by the Internet, and the role marketing has played in the process.

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