Certificate in Professional Writing

The certificate in professional writing is designed for students who want to learn about - and prepare to meet - the writing and other communication challenges found in business, nonprofit, governmental, and community settings. It is designed for students who want a highly structured program that provides the broad-based research, writing, and editing skills necessary to excel in any field or profession.

The certificate program in professional writing is open both to undergraduate students at Webster and to members of the larger community, including those who already have bachelor's degrees.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the program, students should be able to:

  • analyze the purpose, audience, and context of a specific writing task and use that analysis to complete the task effectively
  • conduct a variety of types of research, including library research, interviews, and surveys, essential to many professional writing tasks
  • understand and follow the conventions of specific types of documents produced in professional settings, including feasibility reports, grant proposals, and business plans
  • plan and write collaboratively with others.critique and edit their own writing rhetorical effectiveness as well as style usage
  • understand and apply the basic principles of successful web-based communication.employ principles of effective visual design

Academic Program

Additional Information