Certificate in Studio / Commercial Photography

Imaginative. Versatile. Proficient. These are the qualities Webster University tries to instill in its photography students.

The students are taught through a hands-on approach that encourages the capability to work in a variety of photographic fields and technical environments. They graduate with a solid foundation in the aesthetic and the communicative aspects of the medium.

The Certificate in Studio/Commercial Photography is designed to provide students with a solid theoretical and practical knowledge in the area of studio and commercial photography. Students will develop a basic understanding of photographic history and technique in both chemical and digital environments. Courses will focus on the specialized know-ledge needed to work in the field of studio/commercial photography and will cover studio lighting and diverse camera formats.

This certificate is only being offered in Geneva and Saint Louis.

Learning Outcomes

Successful graduates of this program will be able to:

  • demonstrate the theoretical and practical aspects of traditional and digital photography
  • demonstrate professional work standards in the field of commercial photography in freelance or studio environments

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