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Thought Leadership

Comprehensive Internationalization

In a time of growing global interdependency, nations and institutions face the challenge and opportunity of not only expanding educational opportunities for their own citizens, but of increasing individuals' capacities as global citizens. As a result, international educational activity has grown, including but not limited to new sites, stronger partnerships, enhanced exchange opportunities, and new degree programs as well as new ways to stimulate student travel and study.

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Global Diversity and Inclusion

Webster University ensures high-quality learning experiences that transform students for global citizenship and individual excellence. The University's vision of excellence is based on the premise that excellence is not truly possible without inclusion. Thus, the academic mission at Webster is built around an inviting global campus environment that attracts students from diverse cultures, ages and socioeconomic backgrounds, and instills in them a respect for diversity, inclusion and an understanding of their own and others' values.

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For the success of its students and the good of the communities it serves around the world, Webster University prioritizes sustainability in the broadest sense of the word: identifying, evaluating and promoting any activities that promote a sustainable balance of social, economic, environmental, and institutional practices to meet current needs in a manner that will allow future generations to meet their own.

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Service to Service Members

Webster University enriches lives and creates opportunities for purposeful careers — whether the military student is preparing for promotion to higher levels of responsibility or transitioning out of the military into another career. Webster is committed to becoming the first choice for military education.

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