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2018 Student Leadership Awards

Friday, April 27, 2018
Student Leadership Awards, Grant Gym, WEBSTER GROVES CAMPUS

The George Herbert Walker III Prize for Leadership is awarded to the graduating senior who, in the opinion of faculty and student affairs staff, has demonstrated the most significant combination of academic achievement and leadership involvement during his or her student years at Webster University.

Bert Walker, the former chairman of Stifel Nicolaus, served as the U.S. Ambassador to Hungary from 2003-2006, chaired the University’s Board of Trustees for five years, and was the first Board member to be designated a Life Trustee. In October 2007, Ambassador Walker made headlines when he donated $10 million to the Webster University School of Business and Technology, the largest gift in the history of the University.

Upon his retirement from the board's chairmanship, the Board of Trustees established an endowed fund to encourage continuing excellence and achievement in the tradition of its namesake. The endowed fund has continued to grow and this year we have a $2,300 scholarship that accompanies this award.

This year, we once again had a large number of very strong nominations. The twelve nominees for the Walker Award are:

Brennan Almus

Dipti Pathre 

Lisa Camp

Rachel Mencel 

Erin Dean

Megan Price

Annie Dent

Safal   Thapa


Austin Konarcik 

Zsuzanna  Toth

Scott Lunte

Caitlyn Vanover


This list of nominees is a very impressive group, with a wide array of significant leadership experiences and stellar academic achievement. Nine of the nominees had a cumulative GPA above 3.80. The committee of faculty and staff spent a great deal of time reviewing the impressive accomplishments of these ten nominees, before selecting one student to receive the award.

This year’s recipient has had significant involvement in a wide variety of leadership activities during their four years at Webster, while maintaining an extremely impressive grade point average, presenting on their research at Webster’s Research Across Disciplines conference, and completing two internships (with a third slated for this summer). Their leadership involvement has included highlights such as:  orientation leader, connection leader, Delegates’ Agenda presenter, staff roles in campus activities, president of the Commuter Council, speaker at Webster’s reception for first generation students, Student Ambassador, SGA Elections Commissioner, and participant in most recent Global Student Leadership Summit.  This student has certainly left their mark and made a true difference on campus through their leadership.

Drawn from one of our recipient’s two nominations, are comments such as...

“She is a quiet leader who shows her skill through consistency and reliability.  She is endlessly positive, always attentive to details, never loses her cool, and is an excellent role model for students.”

“As Campus Events Coordinator and Student Supervisor, she has truly elevated the department to a new level.  She has made every part of campus she has touched a better place since arriving four years ago.”

These sentiments from her nominators are also captures in her own words.  After the wildly successful  Laverne Cox event she coordinated, she posted this on Facebook: 

“Anyone who knows me is aware of how passionate I am about what I do and that I undeniably love my job.  There’s nothing better than months of preparation coming together in one day!”

This year’s recipient of the Walker Award is media communications manager from University City, Missouri. Please join me in congratulating Lisa Camp.