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2018 Golden Circle Luncheon



Hello to all of you! As I said to the Class of 1968 last evening, welcome home! I hope that is what Webster University is to you – your home. Webster has lived through many changes – Catholic to secular, College to University, all-female to co-ed – but what remains is the spirit in which the Sisters of Loretto founded this great institution. You are home; we are your family.

To the Classes of 1958 and 1963, happy anniversary to you! I hope you your weekend was filled reconnecting, reminiscing and remembering your years at Webster. The Webster family spans more than 100 years, but it only takes two days to remember the influence this University had on the person you have become.

I had the pleasure of dining with the Class of 1968 last evening. The stories they shared with me were funny, heartfelt and genuine. They captured the spirit of the time and emulated the bond created within the Webster family.

Our Webster family continues to grow and thrive. In May 2019, we will celebrate our 100th commencement. Think about your graduation day. It was a day filled with nervous excitement. You had accomplished something great and it was time to continue your journey.

Although your graduation has passed, you are still a vital part of the Webster family. The stories shared, time given and donations made strengthen Webster University so that we can continue to help students from all walks of life reach their dreams of earning a college degree.

I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for calling this University home and being a part of the Webster family.

Let’s celebrate our Webster family welcome the Class of 1968 as members of the Golden Circle.

Here to lead us through the ceremony is Amber Johansen, Associate Vice President of Advancement.