Fall I 2020 | Webster University

Fall I 2020

 Monday, August 17, 2020 - October 16, 2020

Important Dates:
Last day to drop a course: Friday, August 21, 2020
Last day to withdraw from a course: Friday, September 25, 2020

Class Hours:
Counseling: 5:30pm - 10:30pm
School of Business & Technology and Undergraduate: 6:00pm - 10:00pm
Practicum and Internship: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Schedule is subject to change. Updated: 08/25/2020

 Graduate Schedule Programs

Course Section Description Instructor Day
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
BUSN 5000 CH Business (WebNet) Antley Thur 
BUSN 5600 CH Accounting Theory & Practice (Cancelled) Staff Tues
BUSN 6120 CH Managerial Economics (WebNet) Flemming Mon
BUSN 6070 CH Management Accounting (WebNet) Ledbetter Tues
BUSN 6200 CH Strategy & Competition Cancelled  Staff Wed
MBA 5010 CH Value Creation (Cancelled)  Staff Tues
MBA 5020 CH Quantitative Methods for the MBA (Cancelled)
Staff Thur
Counseling (COUN)
 COUN 5020  CH  Foundations of Counseling (WebNet)  George  Tues
 COUN 5160  CH  Issues in Counseling (WebNet)  Olden  Wed
 COUN 5230  CH  Psychodiagnostics (WebNet) Olden   Tues
 COUN 5540  CH  Family Systems Theory (WebNet)  LaCubbert  Mon
 COUN 6100  CH  Practicum One (WebNet)  McInerny  Thur
 COUN 6200  CH  Practicum Two (WebNet)  McInerny  Thur
 COUN 6500  CH  Internship (WebNet)   LaCubbert  Thur
Master of Health Administration (MHA)
HLTH 5040 CH Human Resources in Health Adm. (WebNet) Lowery Mon
HLTH 5140 CH Health Administration Law (Cancelled)
Stuckey Tues
HLTH 5150 CH Process Improvement in Health Adm. (WebNet) Perritt Thur
HLTH 5160 CH Health Informatics (Cancelled)  Staff Wed
Human Resources Development (HRDV)
HRDV 5630 CH Organization Dev. & Change (WebNet) Marant Tues
HRDV 5750 CH Research & Assessment Cancelled   Gennaro Thur
HRDV 6000 CH Integrated Studies (WebNet) Davis Thur
Human Resources Management (HRMG)
BUSN 5200 CH Basic Finance for Managers (WebNet) Snyder Mon
HRMG 5700 CH Employment Law (WebNet) Counts Wed
HRMG 6000 CH Integrated Studies (WebNet) Davis  Thur
Management and Leadership (MNGT)
HRDV 5630 CH Organization Dev. & Change (WebNet) Marant Tues
MNGT 5670 CH Managerial Leadership (WebNet) Worku Thur
MNGT 6000 CH Integrated Studies (WebNet)  Davis Thur
Organizational Development (ORDV)
ORDV 5600 CH Leveraging Diversity & Inclusion McMaster Mon
Master of Procurement and Acquisitions Management (PROC)
PROC 5820 CH Operations Management (WebNet) Townsend Mon


Undergraduate Schedule Programs

Course Section Description Instructor Day
ISTL 1000 CH Introduction to International Studies (WebNet)
Hemmerling Wed
 MNGT 3400 CH  Human Resources Management (Cancelled)  Staff  Mon
 MNGT 2500 CH  Marketing (WebNet)  Wood  Thur
PSYC 2250 CH Adolescent Psychology (WebNet) Morgan Thur
 PSYC 4225  CH  Intro to Clinical Psychology (WebNet)  Hull  Tues