Classes May 27 - July 26, 2013


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Course Section Instructor Title Day
COUN 5020 CH Mrs. Sarnoff Foundations of Counseling Saturday AM
COUN 5100 CH Dr. Brockington Social & Cultural Foundations of Counseling Saturday PM
COUN 5160 CH Ms. Melton Issues in Counseling: Professional Seminars: Clinical Supervision Saturday AM
COUN 5220 CH Dr. Cowley Assessment Saturday AM
COUN 5545 CH Mrs. Sparwasser Blended Family Therapy Saturday PM
COUN 5600 CH Dr. Dupree Techniques of Group Therapy Saturday PM
COUN 5630 CH Dr. Herman Techniques of Substance Abuse Coun Saturday AM
COUN 5680 CH Dr. Balcome Counseling in the School Setting Tuesday
COUN 5700 CH Dr. Balcome Lifestyle and Career Development Saturday PM
COUN 6000 CH Dr. Shortridge Counseling Learning Practicum Saturday PM
COUN 6500 CH Dr. Sarnoff Internship 1.5 hours (Mental Health) Thursday
COUN 6500 CB Dr. Sarnoff Internship 3.0 hours (Mental Health) Thursday
COUN 6500 CC Dr. Knight Internship 1.5 hours (Marriage/Family) Thursday
COUN 6500 CR Dr. Knight Internship 3.0 hours (Marriage/Family) Thursday

Master of Business Administration

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Course Section Instructor Title Day
BUSN 5200 CH Dr. Snyder Basic Finance for Managers  Monday
BUSN 5630 CH Dr. Henley  Business Law  Tuesday
BUSN 6120 CH Dr. Ferguson Managerial Economics  Monday
BUSN 6200 CH Dr. Ferguson  Strategy and Policies  Tuesday
FINC 5000 CH Dr. Marjenhoff   Finance Tuesday
MNGT 5990 CH Mr. Counts  Corporate Responsibility and Society  Monday
MRKT 5000 CH Mr. Fox  Marketing  Wednesday

Information Technology Management

Course Section Instructor Title Day
ITM 5000 CH Mr. Brady Information Technology Mngt Tuesday
ITM 5200 CH Mr. Jolly Project Management of Information Technology Wednesday
ITM 5400 CH Mrs. Jolly Systems Analysis, Design, and Implementation Thursday

Business and Organizational Security Management

Course Section Instructor Title Day
SECR 5060 CH Mr. Underwood Emergency Planning Tuesday
SECR 5090 CH Dr. Booth Behavioral Issues Wednesday

*NOTE:  All SECR classes are held at Joint Base Charleston. All students must have a base pass by first day of class. For those who don't have a pass may be asked to drop their class. Please see front desk to apply for pass about two weeks before term begins to insure pass is processed and ready for first day of class.

Human Resources Development

Course Section Instructor Title Day
HRDV 5560 CH Mr. Wolter Group Development and Change Thursday
HRDV 5630 CH Dr. Carnell Organizational Development and Change Tuesday

Human Resource Management

Course Section Instructor Title Day
HRMG 5000 CH Dr. Davis Managing Human Resources Monday
HRMG 5800 CH Dr. White Staffing Tuesday
HRMG 5930 CH Mr. Bonacci Labor-Management Relations Thursday
HRMG 6000 CH Dr. Davis Integrated Studies in Human Resources Management Tuesday

Management and Leadership

Course Section Instructor Title Day
MNGT 5590 CH Dr.  Dukes Organizational Behavior Wednesday
MNGT 5670 CH Dr. Robinson Managerial Leadership Thursday
MNGT 6000 CH Dr. Dunlap Integrated Studies in Management Tuesday


Download Schedule (PDF)

Course Section Instructor Title Day
MNGT 3420 CH Ms. Etheridge Labor-Management Relations Tuesday
PSYC 1500 CH Dr. Booth Psychology of Adjustment Monday
PSYC 1800 CH Dr. Morrison Careers in Psychology Tuesday
PSYC 3600 CH Dr. Bachmann Social Psychology Wednesday
LEGL 2080 CH Dr. Cox Topics in Law:  Great America Trials Wednesday


Evening class hours:  5:45pm - 10:00pm Saturday class hours:  8:00am – 12:15pm 
Saturday dates:  June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, July 6, 13, and finals on the 20th 

These schedules are subject to change.