Passport to Pastries

Beginning February 29, grab your passport* and travel to each of the international offices listed to get your stamp. When your passport is full, bring it to trade for a pastry on March 3 between 11am and 1pm. Hope you can join us for this "sweet" adventure!

*Passports provided at each of the participating departments: Center for International Education, Confucius Institute, Department of International Languages and Culture, Multicultural Center and International Student Affairs and the Office of Study Abroad.

Small Grants Now Available

The application period is now open through March 1, 2016 for small grants up to $500. Five categories of awards are offered:

  • curriculum development projects
  • purchase of materials
  • direct expenses of educational research
  • workshop or seminar fees
  • requests to develop a scholarly conference

Full time and adjunct faculty who have taught at Webster for at three semesters are eligible to apply

For more information contact Christi Castonguay at ext 7705 or


2015 Global Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to this year's winners!


Livy Renkins - 1st Place

Sunset on a Lonely Island          location: Ao Nang, Thailand

"This photo was taken on my last trip before I returned to St. Louis. We boated out to and camped on a deserted island near Ao Nang and witnessed the most beautiful sunset."

Bridget Carey - 2nd Place

Meiringen          location: Meiringen, Switzerland

"This was taken at the top of Reichenbach Falls overlooking the town of Meiringen in the Swiss Alps."

Mari D'Avignon - 3rd Place

Azure           location: Monte Carlo, Monaco

"I took a solo trip through Spain and France and decided to make a quick stop in Monaco. I looked over the railing into the ocean and couldn't believe how beautiful the water was."



Tess Newell - 1st Place

Sunset Atop the City Walls          location: Dubrovnik, Croatia

"The sun was setting while a cruise ship was sailing by. Dubrovnik's majestic walls were the perfect place to capture the light and beauty of this sunset."

Mallory Simon - 2nd Place

Untitled      location: Paris, France

"I took this image when visiting the Louvre in Paris. I was drawn to the converging lines and shapes as well as the light that was streaming in from the window."

Khia McCombs - 3rd Place

Santorini       location: Santorini, Greece

"I was really attracted to the contrast between the crisp white buildings stacked atop the rough terrain of the island."



Jeannie Liautaud - 1st Place

Everything's Yellow    location: St. Louis, Missouri, USA

"This image was taken at the 2015 Festival of Nations. I was attracted to the compliments of the man's clothing with the background of an international food booth."

Khia McCombs - 2nd Place

Beach Day     location: Rosignano Solvay, Italy

"A woman sunbathes next to a graffiti wall in Rosignano Solvay, Italy."

Nevardo Cayemitte - 3rd Place (tie)

Not Fearing the Beard     location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"During a nice walking visit at one of the schools in the ghetto before playing football (soccer), many of the kids found my goatee fascinating."

Devin Yuji Spencer - 3rd Place (tie)

Homesickness Will Never Come        location: St. Louis, Missouri, USA

"I am the teacher of the St. Louis Japanese Language School and really have fun working with the kids. I took this picture because karate will always keep me close to my home of Japan."



Jeannie Liautaud

Everything's Yellow    location: St. Louis, Missouri, USA


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