The 2014 Global Photo Contest winners are now on display!

Winning photos from the 2014 Global Photo contest are now on display in the Edward Jones Commons on the second floor of the East Academic Building. Please check them out!

2014 Global Photo Contest Winners


Farzana Chohan - 1st Place

Timeless Drama of Sky, Water & History          location: Kinderjik, Netherlands

"At this moment white strokes painted a blue sky and an animated blue river provided a perfect image of timelessness. The historical windmills of Kinderjik just enhanced the dramatic effect."

Jake Myers - 2nd Place

Reflecting          location: near Mt. Fuji, Japan

"I really liked this statue of a man sitting by a turtle and looking down into this beautiful pond, so I took a picture."

Kannika Wagle Kotigadde - 3rd Place

Mount McKinley           location: Alaska

"View of Mount McKinley from Denali National Park"



Debora Aberastury - 1st Place

Two Towers          location: London, England

"One of my favorite shots from my study abroad trip to London. It is one of the many moments when it truly felt like the London I read about growing up; absolutely surreal seeing the two 'towers' together that are so iconic to London."

Sophie Ozier - 2nd Place

La Citta Eterna      location: Rome, Italy

"Obviously the Coliseum is an amazing architectural structure, but it is so old that sometimes it seems to almost blend in with nature."

Gabrielle Deimeke - 3rd Place

Pondering Parliament       location: London, England

"This photo was taken from the South Bank. The juxtaposition of the bird and the building makes it really intriguing compositionally."



Jules Brown - 1st Place

Bubbles in Placa de Cataluyna    location: Barcelona, Spain

"Tourists and citizens gather in Placa de Cataluyna in Barcelona on a Saturday morning. A man creates massive, beautiful bubbles that attract the attention of younger visitors."

Emily Stafford - 2nd Place

The Castells     location: Barcelona, Spain

"This photo is of the family tower that won the La Castells Competition in Spain. At the top of the tower is a girl who is probably less than eight years old. They make these towers without any rope or extra materials other than their bodies."

Maria Molteni - 3rd Place

Gaucho Dance     location: Argentina

"Perfect capture of the loving Argentine people and their culture."



Jess Wright

What Makes You Happy    location: Hua Hin, Thailand

 "Since arriving in Thailand, a group of friends and I have been volunteering at a local NGO which supports disadvantaged and abandoned kids. This photo encapsulates what we are trying to achieve as well as the Thai happy and smiley nature."

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