Asian Studies

Asian Emphasis

The Asia Emphasis aims to (a) provide students with a purview and understanding of Asia from the perspective of multiple disciplines, and (b) to enable students to understand various dimensions of Asia countries individually, comparatively and collectively.


  • Students must attain competency of at least one Asian language at the 3000 level or above.
  • Students must participate in an approved Webster University study abroad experience in Asia or in an approved international internship in Asia.
  • Students must earn 12 credit hours of which 6 must be at the 3000 level or above, from the list below:
    • RELG 2070  Introduction to Religions of the East
    • ANSO 2100 Peoples and Cultures (with appropriate subtitle)
    • ARHS 2320 Introduction to Asian Art
    • HIST 2400  Modern Asia
    • MNGT 3100 Issues in Management: Asian Culture and Business
    • POLT 3400 Comparative Politics (with appropriate subtitle)
    • ISTL 3550 Advanced Topics in Asian Studies (maximum, 6 credits, with prior approval by the International Studies Major advisor.)