Fall 1, 2020 Schedule | Webster University

Fall 1, 2020 Schedule

August 17-October 16, 2020
*COLO is a Satellite campus; **COLO is a Host campus 

For Webnet, go to https://websteru.webex.com and then enter the first part of the instructors email (found below), this will get you to the webnet classroom.

Course Section Description Instructor
BUSN 6110* 36 Operations and Project Management (Webnet: KANS) Sample                                    gsample@webster.edu
HRMG 5000* 36 Managing Human Resources (Webnet: LTRK) Keegan        patriciakeegan37@webster.edu
ITM 5100* 36 Information and Communications Systems (Webnet/HILL) TBA
MBA 5010* 36 Value Creation (Webnet/LTRK) Grau                                paulgrau07@webster.edu
SPSM 5900* 36 Space Commercialization (Webnet/PETR) Hine                      douglashine12@webster.edu
BUSN 5100* 36 Introduction to Project Management (Webnet/WEBG)Class is from 5:30-9:30 PM CT Haider Murtadha Mayali            haidermayali34@webster.edu 
BUSN 5700** 36 Advances in Project Management (Webnet) Ponville      ponvilth@webster.edu
CSSS 5140** 36 Cybersecurity Strategic Operations (Webnet) TBA
FINC 5000* 36 Finance (Webnet/LTRK) Dortch        damondortch@webster.edu
HRDV 5700** 36 Career Management (Webnet) Sampayo           jaimesampayo41@webster.edu
PROC 5820* 36 Operations Management (Webnet/HILL) TBA
SPSM 5600** 36  Space systems Acquisitions Law (Webnet) Russel          russellhuffman04@webster.edu
SPSM 5750** 36 Space Systems Engineering George            lynnanegeorge93@webster.edu
BUSN 5760* 36 Applied Business Statistics (Webnet KANS) Boguez            carolynboguez83@webster.edu
CSSS 5000* 36 Introduction to Cybersecurity (Webnet KANS) Cooper                              harriche@webster.edu
HRDV 5630* 36 Organization Development & Change (Webnet/LRAF) Sweeden                     jsweeden@webster.edu
HRMG 5920* 36 Compensation (Webnet KANS) Woehl         randallwoehl98@webster.edu
MNGT 5650** 36 Management and Strategy (Webnet) Nagy                     nagyp@webster.edu
BUSN 6200* CL Strategy and Competition     (Webnet/LRAF) meets from 5:30-8:30 CT Dieterick Govan    dieterickgovan41@webster.edu
HRDV 6000** 36 Integrated Studies in Human Resources Development  (Webnet) Trovas                                       trovas@webster.edu
HRMG 5700** 36 Employment Law (Webnet) Sampayo          jaimesampayo41@webster.edu
HRMG 6000* 36 Integrated Studies in Human Resources Management (Webnet LTRK) Jones                joneswa@webster.edu
ITM 6000** 36 Integrated Studies in Information Technology Management (Webnet) Trovas                                         trovas@webster.edu
MNGT 6000** 36 Integrated Studies in Management (Webnet) Trovas                                         trovas@webster.edu
PROC 6000** 36 Integrated Studies in Procurement and Acquisitions Management (Webnet) Trovas                  trovas@webster.edu
SPSM 5740** 36 Space systems Dynamics Orbital Mechanics (Webnet) George        lynnanegeorge93@webster.edu
HRMG 5800* CL Staffing (Webnet/FTJK CT) Copley        

 *COLO is a Satellite campus; **COLO is a Host campus