Fall 1, 2020 Schedule | Webster University

Fall 1, 2020 Schedule

August 17-October 16, 2020
*COLO is a Satellite campus; **COLO is a Host campus 

We are changing to Zoom. Your instructor will send you an email with the link for the class for the entire term. Look for it in your Webster email.

Course Section Description Instructor
HRMG 5000* 36 Managing Human Resources (Webnet: LTRK) Jones                              joneswa@webster.edu
SPSM 5900* 36 Space Commercialization (Webnet/PETR) Hine                      douglashine12@webster.edu
BUSN 5100* 36 Introduction to Project Management (Webnet/WEBG)Class is from 5:30-9:30 PM CT Haider Murtadha Mayali            haidermayali34@webster.edu 
PROC 5820** 36 Operations Managament (webnet) Jan Palmen    janpalmen96@webster.edu
MBA 5010** 36 Value Creation (Webnet) Rochette       arthurrochette62@webster.edu
SPSM 5600** 36  Space systems Acquisitions Law (Webnet) Russel          richardrussel15@webster.edu
SPSM 5750** 36 Space Systems Engineering George            lynnanegeorge93@webster.edu
HRMG 5920** 36 Compensation (Webet Time: 5-8:30pm MT) Burnside                        ronaldburnside57@webster.edu
BUSN 5760* 36 Applied Business Statistics (Webnet KANS Time: 5:00MT) Bogacz            carolynbogacz83@webster.edu
CSSS 5000* 36 Introduction to Cybersecurity (Webnet KANS Time: 5:00MT) Cooper                              harriche@webster.edu
HRDV 5630* 36 Organization Development & Change (Webnet/LRAF 5:00MT) Sweeden                     jsweeden@webster.edu
MNGT 5650** 36 Management and Strategy (Webnet) Nagy                                                         nagyp@webster.edu
MNGT 5590* 36 Organizational Behavior (Webnet/Ft. Stewart ET Time) Jenkins      sandrajenkins04@webster.edu
BUSN 6200* CL Strategy and Competition     (Webnet/LRAF) meets from 5:30-8:30 CT Dieterick Govan    dieterickgovan41@webster.edu
HRDV 6000** 36 Integrated Studies in Human Resources Development  (Webnet) Trovas                                       trovas@webster.edu
HRMG 5700** 36 Employment Law (Webnet) Sampayo          jaimesampayo41@webster.edu
ITM 6000** 36 Integrated Studies in Information Technology Management (Webnet) Trovas                                         trovas@webster.edu
MNGT 6000** 36 Integrated Studies in Management (Webnet) Trovas                                         trovas@webster.edu
PROC 6000** 36 Integrated Studies in Procurement and Acquisitions Management (Webnet) Trovas                  trovas@webster.edu
SPSM 5740** 36 Space systems Dynamics Orbital Mechanics (Webnet) George        lynnanegeorge93@webster.edu
CSSS 5140* 36 Cybersecurity Stategic Operations (Webnet/DWTN 5:30pm CT

Menendez           dmenendez94@webster.edu


 *COLO is a Satellite campus; **COLO is a Host campus