Fall 2, 2020 Schedule | Webster University

Fall 2, 2020 Schedule

October 19, 2020 - December 18, 2020
*COLO is a Satellite campus; **COLO is a Host campus

We are changing to Zoom. Your instructor will send you an email with the link for the class for the entire term. Look for it in your Webster email.

Course Section Description Instructor
BUSN 5000*  36 Business (WebNet/KANS) Strickland    stricklan@webster.edu
BUSN 5200* 36 Basic Finance for Managers (WebNet/LTRK) Dortch                                         damondortch@webster.edu
ITM 5600** 36 Information and Communication Security (WebNet) Tirman      valentintirman20@webster.edu
PROC 5890** 36 Government Procurement Law (WebNet) Youden    kendrickyouden@webster.edu
SPSM 6000** 36 Practical Research in Space Operations (WebNet) Hine                   douglashine12@webster.edu
SPSM 5310** 36 Remote Sensing & GIS System Applicaitons (WebNet) Youden      kendrickyouden@webster.edu
CSSS 5110* 36 Cybersecurity Communications (WebNet/KANS) Gillilan                            sgillilan15@webster.edu
HRMG 5800** 36 Staffing (WebNet) Strait      michaelstrait36@webster.edu
ITM 5400* 36 System Analysis, Design and Implementation (WebNet/HILL) TBA
FINC 5880* 36 Advanced Corporate Finance (WebNet/KANS) Henderson     shaunhenderson60@webster.edu
MBA 5100* 36 Adding Value Through Human Capital (WebNet/WEBG) TBA
BUSN 6070* 36 Management Accounting (WebNet/LRAF) TBA
MBA 5020* 36 Quantitative Methods for the MBA (WebNet/WEBG) TBA
PROC 5810** 36 Acquisitions Law (WebNet) Sampayo      jaimesampayo41@webster.edu
SPSM 5650** 36 Space Systems Contracting (WebNet) Bowman       richardbowman42@webster.edu
BUSN 5700** 37 Advances in Project Management Ponville        ponvilth@webster.edu 
BUSN 6200* 36 Strategy and Competition (WebNet/ LTRK) Govan                         dieterickgovan41@websterledu 
CSSS 5240** 36 Preemptive Deterrence (WebNet) Ryals                       robertryals07@webster.edu
HRDV 5750* 36 Research and Assessment in Human Resources Development (WebNet/LRAF) Perkins                 vperkins60@webster.edu
MNGT 5000* 36 Management Dynamics (Webnet/LTRK) Villines               justinvillines15@webster.edu

*COLO is a Satellite campus; **COLO is a Host campus