Spring 2, 2020 | Webster University

Spring 2, 2020


March 16 - May 15

Due to the COVID-19 Virus, we are webnetting ALL classes from for the mean time. Please use the following ling for your webnet classes: https://websteru.webex.com then in middle type the part of your instructors webster email before the @, (as found in their syllabus or below) in the middle box, then select join. Next type in your name and email and select join meeting. If you need assistance, please let the staff know.


**Denotes courses that are WebNet+ with COLO as Host. *Denotes Courses that are Webnet+ with COLO as Satellite

Course Section Description Instructor
** COLO is a Host campus * COLO is a Satellite campus
HRMG 5000** 36 Managing Human Resources

Mason josephmason49
BUSN 6200** 36 Strategy & Competition
Rochette  arthurrochette62
SPSM 5940* 36 Space Support Decision Systems(Webnet+ PETR) Hine  douglashine12
MRKT 5000** 36 Marketing Rochette  arthurrochette62
PROC 5860* 36 Government Contracting(Webnet+ PETR) Huffman  russellhuffman04
SPSM 5360* 36 Practical Research in RS Analysis & GIS(WN+ PETR) Irizarry  samuelirizarry37
ITM 6000* CL Integrated Studies in ITM (Webnet+ ORLN) Trovas  trovas
HLTH 5040* 69 Human Resources Management Health Administration Burnside ronaldburnside57
FINC 5880* 36  Advanced Corporate Finance(Webnet+  PETR) Griffin  markgriffin89
BUSN 5300** 36 Project Procurement Management(Webnet+ LUKE) Ponville  ponvilth
SPSM 6000** 36 Practical Research in Space Operations Huffman  russellhuffman04
CSSS 5220** 36 Cybersecurity Threat Detection Tirman  valentintirman20
BUSN 5200** 36 Basic Finance for Managers  Trovas  trovas
SPSM 5770** 36 Space Operations Management George  lynnanegeorge93
 ** COLO is a Host campus * COLO is a Satellite campus