Columbia: Fall 1, 2015 Schedule

Term: August 17 - October 16, 2015

Important Dates:

Last date to drop: August 28, 2015
Withdrawal: September 25, 2015

Special Requirements:  All COUN students registering for COUN 6000 must attend Practicum Orientation.

Course Section Description Instructor
BUSN 5000 5A Business Perry, John
BUSN 5200 5A Basic Finance for Managers Setzer, S
BUSN 5760 5A Applied Business Statistics Pruitt, W
BUSN 6070 5A Management Accounting Hicks
COUN 5020  5A Foundations of Counseling: The Helping Relationship  George, R
COUN 5610 5A Techniques of Counseling Sweat, V
HLTH 5040 5A Human Resources Management in Health Administration Busbee, B
HRDV 5000 5A Introduction to Human Resources Development Fields, K
HRMG 5700 5A Employment Law Babb, G
MNGT 5000 5A Management Graves. E
COUN 6500 5A Internship Smith-Glenn, A
COUN 6500 5D Internship (1.5) Smith-Glenn, A
FINC 5880 5A Advanced Corporate Finance Staff
HLTH 5000 5A Organization and Management Richter, P
HLTH 5070 5A Financial Analysis in Health Administration Barnes, M
HLTH 6000 5A Integrated Studies in Health Administration Cauthen-Crosby
HRDV 5560 5A Group Development and Change Woodfaulk, K
MNGT 5590 5A Organizational Behavior
Davis, R
BUSN 5600 5A Accounting Theory and Practice Gawler, J
BUSN 6120 5A Managerial Economics Perry, J
COUN 5640 5A Couples, Marriage, and Family Counseling Grant-James
HLTH 5100 5A Statistics for Health Administration Busbee, B
HRDV 5700 5A Career Management Heremuru, C
HRDV 6000 5A Integrated Studies in Human Resources Development Bell, F
HRMG 5000 5A Managing Human Resources Jones, Alice
HRMG 6000 5A Integrated Studies in Human Resources Management Bell, F
MNGT 6000  5A  Integrated Studies in Management  Bell, F
MRKT 5000 5A Marketing Miller, M
COUN 5230 5A Psychodiagnostics George, R
COUN 6000 5A Counseling Learning Practicum Fey, M
COUN 6100 5A Counseling Learning Practicum (1.5) Fey, M
COUN 6200 5A Counseling Learning Practicum (1.5) Fey, M
COUN 6500 5B Internship (1.5) Barker, L
FINC 5000 5A Finance Staff
HRDV 5630 5A Organization Development and Change Jones, J
HRMG 5800 5A Staffing and Selection Copley, D
HRMG 5930 5A Labor-Management Relations Singleton, D
MNGT 5670 5A Managerial Leadership Gerald, L
COUN 5220 5A Assessment Ransom, M
HRMG 5920 5A Compensation Oladapo, V


Undergraduate Schedule:

Course Section Description Instructor
MNGT 3820 5A Health Care Administration Edmond, R
PSYC 2750 5A Introduction to Measurement and Statistics Woodard, P
ACCT 2010 5A Financial Accounting I Onyeocha, J
ECON 2020 5A Principles of Microeconomics Craib
PSYC 3600 5A Social Psychology Morgan, A
SPAN 1090 5A Elementary Spanish: Level I Chang, S
PSYC 4550 5A Drug and Chemical Dependency Holmes, C
MNGT 2100 5A Management Theory and Practices Duncan, B
PSYC 2300 5A Lifespan Development York, L
PSYC 2825 5A Introduction to Research Methods Woodard, P