Fall 2 2020 Schedule | Webster University

Fall 2 2020 Schedule

October 19, 2020 - December 18, 2020

Dates to Remember:
October 23 - Drop Deadline
October 23 - F1 Grades due from Faculty
October 26 - Spring 2021 Registration Begins
November 26 - 27- Thanksgiving Holidays (campus closed)
November 27 - Withdrawal Deadline
December 18 - F2 classes end
December 31 - F2 Grades due from Faculty



Course ID Section Course Title Instructor Day
 COUN5100  5E Social and Cultural Foundations of Counseling (WebNet Host: COLM) George Tuesday 
 COUN5160  5E  Issues in Counseling: Social Justice Advocacy Course (WebNet Host: COLM)  Olden Wednesday 
 COUN5220  5E  Assessment (WebNet Host: CHAR) Gonzalez Tuesday
 COUN5600  5E  Techniques of Group Counseling Smith Monday
 COUN6200  5E  Counseling Learning Practicum (1.5 credit hours) George Thursday
 COUN6500  5E  Internship (1.5 credit hours) George Thursday
 BUSN5200  5E  Basic Finance for Managers Crawford Monday
 BUSN6070 5E  Operations and Management (WebNet Host: COLM) Ledbetter Wednesday
BUSN6200 5E  Strategy and Competition (WebNet Host: COLM) Staff Thursday
HLTH5050  5E  Health Financial Management Thompson Wednesday
HLTH5070  5E  Financial Analysis in Health Admin Staff Tuesday
HLTH5150  5E  Process Improvement in Health Admin Staff  Monday
HLTH5160  5E  Health Informatics Staff  Tuesday
HLTH6000 5E  Integrated Studies in Health Admin (WebNet Host: COLM) Crosby  Tuesday
HRDV5000 5E  Human Resources Development Starks  Tuesday
HRDV5560 5E  Group Development   Worku Thursday
HRDV5710 5E  Diversity in the Workplace  Hughes Monday
HRDV5750 5E Research and Assessments  Pruitt III Tuesday
HRMG5690 5E  Workforce Retention & Transistion  Duncan Tuesday
HRMG5930 5E  Labor Management Relationships  Babb Monday
IMT 5600 5E Information & Communications Security (WebNet Host: COLM)  Staff Wednesday
MNGT5590 5E  Organizational Behavior (WebNet Host: COLM)  Goodman Thursday
MNGT5950 5E   The Woman Manager  Woodfaulk Tuesday
MNGT6000 5E   Integrated Studies in Management  Milczweski Thursday



Course ID Section Course Title Instructor Day
 ACCT2010  5E  Financial Accounting  Onyeocha  Tuesday
 MNGT3450  5E  Principles of Org Behavior (WebNet Host: CHAR) Staff  Monday
MNGT4330  5E   International Marketing  Gilliard  Wednesday
 SPCM1280 5E   Interpersonal Communication (WebNet Host: CHAR)  Fancher  Thursday
PSYC3575  5E   Industrial/Organizational Psychology (WebNet Host: GREN)  Churchill  Tuesday
PSYC4550  5E   Drug and Chemical Dependency(WebNet Host: CHAR)  Hull  Wednesday