Fall 2 2018 Schedule | Webster University

Fall 2 2018 Schedule

October 22 2018 - December 21 2018


Oct. 19:  Final day to register for Fall 2 online classes
Oct. 19:  First day to log into Fall 2 online classes
Oct. 20:  Fall 1 Graduation Date
Oct. 22:  Fall 2 classes start
Oct. 26:  Fall 1 grades due from faculty
Oct. 29:  Registration begins for Spring 2019 classes
Nov. 2:   Fall 2 drop deadline
Nov. 22 - 23:  Thanksgiving Break (U.S. campuses closed, no classes)
Nov. 30:  Fall 2 withdrawal deadline
Dec. 21:  Fall 2 classes end


Course Section Description Instructor
BUSN 5000 5E Business Hall, V
BUSN 5600 5E Accounting Theory James
BUSN 6200 5E Strategy and Competition (WebNet+ Host:Rogers) Gibbs
COUN 6200 5E  Counseling Learning George, R
COUN 6500 5E Internship George, R
COUN 6500 5F Internship (CANCELLED) Nunn, W
HLTH 5070 5E Financial Analysis Barnes, M
HRDV 5000 5E Introduction to Human Resources (CANCELLED) Fields
HRDV 5710 5E Diversity in the Workplace Barfield-Hughes
HRMG 5700 5E Employment Law Babb
MNGT 5670 5E Managerial Leadership Worku, T
MNGT 6000 5E Integrated Studies Pruitt
BUSN 6110 5E Operations and Projects (WebNet+ Host:COLM) Milczewski
COUN 5600 5E  Techniques of Group Counseling (CANCELLED) Smith, A
FINC 5880 5E Advanced Corporate Finance (WebNet+ Host:FJTK) Ledbetter
HLTH 6000 5E Integrated Studies (WebNet+ Host:COLM) Crosby
HRDV 5610 5E Training and Development Gates
HRDV 5700 5E Career Management Starks-Ray
HRMG 5000 5E Managing Human Resources Heremuru
MNGT 5590 5E Organizational Behavior Pruitt
MNGT 5950 5E The Woman Manager Woodfaulk
ORDV 5200 5E Organizational Development STAFF
BUSN 5760 5E Applied Business Statistics Knight
COUN 5220 5E Assessment Smith, A
HLTH 5040 5E HR Management (WebNet+ Host:CHAR) Lowery, L
HRDV 6000 5E Integrated Studies in HR Development Bell
HRMG 6000 5E Integrated Studies in HR Management Bell
MNGT 5000 5E Management Graves
MNGT 5650 5E Management and Strategy Gerald
MNGT 5990 5E Corporate Responsibility (WebNet+ Host: COLM) Milczewski
BUSN 5620 5E Current Economic Analysis Flemming
COUN 5100 5E Social and Cultural Foundations of Counseling  George, R
COUN 5230 5E Psychodiagnostics  Olden, S
HLTH 5000 5E Organization and Management (WebNet+ Host:CHAR) Perritt
HRMG 5800 5E Staffing Woodfaulk
HRMG 5930 5E Labor Management Relations Singleton
MRKT 5000 5E Marketing Miller
NPLR 5000 5E Nonprofit Organization STAFF
ORDV 5000 5E Designing and Facilitating (WebNet+ Host:CHAR) Fancher



Course Section Description Instructor
 MNGT3100  5E  Issues in Management  Gates, R
 PSYC3125  5E  Abnormal Psychology  Anderson-Brown
 PHIL 2110 5E  Introduction to Ethics (WebNet+ Host:CHAR)  Hepburn
 MNGT3450  5E  Principals of Organizational Behavior  Woods, C
  KEYS4008  5E Keystone Seminar: Leading From Where You Are  Jones, A
PSYC 2825 5E Introduction to Research Methods (WebNet+ Host:CHAR) Hull, S