Spring 1 2018 Schedule | Webster University

Spring 1 2018 Schedule

January 8, 2018 - March 9, 2018

January 8, 2018 - Spring 1 classes start
January 15, 2018 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - Campus Closed
January 19, 2018 - Spring 1 Drop Deadline
February 16, 2018 - Spring 1 Withdrawal Deadline


March 9, 2018 - Spring 1 Classes End
March 16, 2018 - Spring 1 grades due from faculty
March 12 - 16, 2018 - SPRING BREAK


Course Section Description Instructor
 BUSN 5600  5A  Accounting Theory and Practice  James, B
 CHNG 5100 5A Change Leader Sanderson
 COUN 5020 5A Foundations of Counseling  George, R
 COUN 5610 5A  Techniques of Counseling  Ransom, M 
 HLTH 5070 5A Financial Analysis CANCELLED
 HRDV 5710 5A Diversity in the Workplace Barfield
 HRMG 5700 5A Employment Law Babb, G
 HRMG 5920 5A Compensation Oladapo, V
 HRMG 5930 5A Labor-Management Relation Lewandowsk
 MNGT 5590 5A Organizational Behavior Pruitt, W
 MNGT 5650 5A Management and Strategy Gerald, L
 BUSN 5000 5A  Business  Milczewski, J
 BUSN 6200 5A  Strategy and Competition  Perry, J 
 COUN 5160 5A Issues in Counseling (WebNet Class-Myrtle Beach) Clark, D
COUN 5670 5A Counseling of Children Bailey-Padgett
 COUN 5800 5A  Professional Orientation (WebNet + Host: COLM) Smith, A
 HLTH 5040 5A HR MNGT in Health Admin (WebNet-Jacksonville) O'Connor, R
 HLTH 6000 5A  Integrated Studies in Health(WebNet+Host: COLM) Crosby, D 
 HRDV 5000 5A  Introduction to HR Development CANCELLED
 HRDV 5700 5A  Career Management  Heremuru, C 
 HRMG 5000 5A  Managing Human Resources  Milton, A 
 MNGT 5670 5A  Managerial Leadership  Worku, T 
 MNGT 5950 5A The Woman Manager  Woodfaulk, K 
 BUSN 5620 5A Current Economic Analysis (WebNet Host: CHAR) Johnson
 BUSN 6110 5A Operations and Project Management Goodman, J
 COUN 6000 5A Counseling Learning George, R
 COUN 6100 5A Counseling Learning George, R
 COUN 6500 5A Internship Olden, S
 COUN 6500 5B Internship Nunn, W
 FINC 5880 5A Advanced Corporate Finance (WebNet - Orlando) Ahmed, M
 HLTH 5000 5A Organization and Management CANCELLED
 HRDV 6000 5A Integrated Studies in HRDV Bell, F
 HRMG 6000 5A Integrated Studies in HRMG Bell,F
 MNGT 5000 5A Management Fields, K 
 MNGT 5990 5A Corporate Responsibility CANCELLED
 BUSN 5760 5A Applied Business Statistics Davis, J
 BUSN 6120 5A Managerial Economics Flemming, G
 COUN 5650 5A Conjoint Counseling CANCELLED
 HLTH 5140 5A Health Administration Law Darby, K
 HRMG 5800 5A Staffing and Selection Woodfaulk, K 
 MNGT 6000 5A Integrated Studies in MNGT Thompson 
 MRKT 5000 5A Marketing Miller, M 


Course Section Description Instructor
 BUSN 3710 5A  Entrepreneurial Financial  CANCELLED
 PSYC 2750 5A Introduction to Measurement (WebNet+Host:COLM) Woodard, P
 PSYC 4225 5A Introduction to Clinical (WebNet + Host: CHAR) Hull, S
 RELG 1080 5A  Thinking Through Religions (WebNet + Host: COLM) Montgomery 
 MNGT 3450 5A  Principles of Organization (WebNet + Host: COLM)  Graves, E
 MNGT 3400 5A  Human Resource MNGT (WebNet + Host:COLM)  Woods, C